Unique Hospital Gifts

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Being in hospital is definitely not an enjoyable moment.But you can make someone feel better and raise up his mood, in order to forget that he is in hospital and surprise that person with a fun gift that says “Get well quick”.

Offer unique gifts to comfort, encourage and inspire. It is very important to be there when someone dear needs you and to show your love, appreciation and the fact that you care before it’s to late. So, don’t loose any second, get up, dress pretty , buy a special gift and headed straight to the hospital. Surprise!!!!!

Unique Hospital Gifts

Get Well You Poor Thing Gift Basket from pleasantsurprises.com

For a dear woman, beauty related gifts do a great job. Buy a “Healing in Progress”Basket for Women that responds to every comfort need and covers all the get well wishes. Just perfect! The basket contains a “heal” engraved soap that is a daily reminder for a healthy mood, a “healing in progress” mug to put a smile on her face everytime she drinks something, a purple healing Reiki candle with base that comes with a mix of essential oils and an affirmation and inspirational message, a pair of comfy purple socks to mantain her body relaxed, “healing in progress” pocket stone and a get well bell so she can call for assistance when needed.

You can also choose the Get Well You Poor Thing Gift Basket. Staying at the hospital will now be a more bearable situation when you have something like this. Inside this emergency case inspired basket there’s a Tea( English Breakfast or Caffeine Free Herbal),some great snacks, a fun “You poor thing you” tea mug and a Dr. Chocolate milk chocolate bar. The gift comes wrapped in a nice metal pail with personalized printed ribbon.

You will be amazed of what a Speedy Recovery Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes can do to someone who’s in hospital and in a bad mood. It’s a good looking gift and also an inspirational one. The message container includes: ribbon, filling, 31 envelopes, KindNotes charm. You have the possibility to choose your message options.

Unique Hospital Gifts

Angel Statue from ep.yimg.com

That means you can select from over 500 messages in the KindNotes library or you can request blank papers so you can write down your own messages. I suggest you go for something funny to raise up the receivers vibration. Everybody knows that a real laugh is healthy. It’s a memorable gift that shows how much you care and that you are thinking about that person every day.

Angels are the symbol of love, innocence, purity and angel statues are very well received by womens in general. So, give her a Get Well Personalized Angel Statue to cheer up her mood. I’m sure the angel will watch close for your friend in order to recover soon and come back home. It’s a beautiful fully sculpted angel with customized poem or psalm on scroll. You can personalized it with name, optional date and personal closing. Wrote down something that shows your love and appreciation and make that person never forget that you love her.

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    March 31, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    You may also be interested in knowing about the ‘Hope & Healing’ purple heart by Hide A Heart.

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