Unique Green Wedding Ideas

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Couples want their wedding day to reflect who they are and which their main interests are. If you want to make your wedding day green, the next article tells you exactly what you need to know. The main reason behind this choice is defined by the immense desire of celebrating the important step of matrimony in a style that reflects the couple’s passions and personalities.

As every beautiful love story between two married people truly begins with a ring, you can start organizing your unique green wedding by choosing wedding bands made of recycled gold or even of exotic woods.  Imprint the text of your wedding invitation on recycled paper with soy or vegetable based inks or send the invites electronically. Why not take advantage of the evolution in today’s technology after all?

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation (Source: earthlyaffair.com)

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation (Source: earthlyaffair.com)

Have your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception organized in the same place or provide eco-friendly transportation for your guests. An outdoor setting matches your wedding theme and infuses your wedding with natural sensibility, at the same time helping you with the decorations. Wildflowers are not at all that hard to find and maybe your bridesmaids will offer to pick and wrap up a collection of your favorites. But if you’re not determined to use natural flowers, you must know that silk flowers look gorgeous and are perfect for your bouquets as well as for the decorations. Potted flowers are also an option that should be taken into consideration when it comes to decorating the entrance and your guests’ tables. At the end of the day, donate your flower decorations to a hospital.

Hire some persons that are able to provide you with locally grown vegetables and fruits and cook them in eco-friendly modes. Consider including in your wedding menu only vegetarian dishes and make sure that the ingredients are fresh. You should serve the guests with organic wine and bear and you should rent real glassware rather than using disposables.

Natural Soap (Source: weberratica.com)

Natural Soap (Source: weberratica.com)

As you probably want to have as many memories as possible, hire a photographer who uses the digital method instead of the traditional one, thus saving paper and chemicals. Choose as wedding favors souvenirs that will also be useful to your guests: flower seeds, small potted plants, natural soaps, bags of dried organic herbs or soy candles.  

All in all, you should use these unique green wedding ideas to make your festivities meaningful and to show the invitees how beautiful a sustainable lifestyle can be.


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