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Some wish to have the best clothes, or homes or various other categories of objects and activities, but a lot of us are passionate about nature and the outdoors. To celebrate this dedication or hobby, it would be nice to offer a nature loving friend or relative a gift such as camping equipment, an accessory for their yard or anything else that is related to outdoor living. To help you do this, here are some ideas. All that remains for you to do is search more like these or adapt them to your needs. Good luck!

The Ant Flowerpot from PersonalCreations is a great present for those who plan on putting together a garden. This ant shaped planter will be the main attraction in the garden. It can house two medium size flower pots. On each pot container you can add a text such as the name of the recipient or a good wish for him or her. This beautifully crafted outdoor accessory is made out of metal and can resist nasty weather. The price for the Ant Flowerpot is $19,99.


Next, we show you the Malibu Botanica Picnic Time Picnic Basket from Macy’s. If you have a friend or relative who loves eating in the great outdoors, this picnic basket is the perfect choice. Inside of it you will find everything needed for a greatly organized meal:

  • 1 polyester water resistant bag
  • 2 plates made out of melamine
  • 2 tumblers made out of acrylic
  • 18/0 stainless-steel knives, forks and spoons
  • 4 cotton napkins
  • 1 cutting board made out of wood
  • 1 stainless steel and wood cheese knife
  • 1 corkscrew

You can pick from many colors, if green is not your favorite. The price is affordable, costing $112.


The last gift idea on our list is the L.L.Bean Gift Card from LLBean . Gift cards are a way of letting your recipient prepares their own gift. If you choose one from this web store, you can even pick the department the recipient has access to. Because this is store has a great outdoor living section, you can choose a card for the L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery® adventure department or for Fishing; choose this category closely based on you recipient’s tastes and personality. L.L.Bean has a great variety of products such as active wear, hunting, fishing and cycling equipment and many more. The price is another of your preferences, between $5 and $500.

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