Unique Cooking Gifts

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I’m not quite good at cooking but I know a lot of women that have a very strong passion for this. I’m sure you know some examples too. For some people, cooking is a very relaxing and interesting experience. They love to stay in the kitchen all day long and try different recipes, to experiment things or even invent their own recipes. Those persons can’t live without all the kitchen tools that they need in order to cook everything they want.

Some of them, are so passionate that they love to recreate what they’ve eaten in some fine restaurants. This is a very detailed and organized process and you have to posses all the necessary qualities. So, If you’re not quit into it, but you know someone who is and you want to surprise that person with a special gift read our list of unique cooking gifts.

Unique Cooking Gifts

Cupcake Kit fro firebox.com

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They are sweet, delicious and last but not least good looking. A Cupcake Kit it’s a perfect gift for cookaholics.There are a lot of occasions that call for a tasty cupcake. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding, a birthday, a special breakfast or an afternoon tea. The Cupcake Kit comes with all that you need to get the oven set to 180 and get baking right away. The Kit brings especially for you 14 recipes for every mouth –watering style you could think of, 250 cute cupcake liners and even a pastry bag and piping nozzles to create one-off effects in your icing that of course will make a sculptor wheeze with envy.Who’s the greatest cupcake maker?

Unique Cooking Gifts

Beep Egg from prezzybox.com

A very fun and practical product that needs to exist in every kitchen is the BeepEgg. We all know that eggs are very good for our health and we have to admit there is nothing like a boiled egg, cooked just like we want it. The BeepEgg is perfect to find out when your eggs are boiled. This little egg sits alongside your other eggs in the pan, beeping and playing different melodies to let you know the levels of hardness. Here are the instructions: If you want soft eggs, remove them from the pan when you hear “Killing me softly”. For medium, it’s the melody” I wish I was a Hen” and for hard boiled you’ll hear the ominous tune from Carmina Burana. The egg also beeps when the water reaches approximately 45°C and once again when the water starts to boil. From now on boiling eggs will be a fun activity!

Unique Cooking Gifts

Onion Goggles from thekitchenoutlet.com

Every great cookaholic should have a great Cooking Book collection. Considering this, you have the chance to large the number of your friends collection book with a functional gift.This are the best cook books of all times:Grandma’s Cook Book and Recipes/Copycat Restaurant and Bakery Recipes/Brunch:100 Recipes from Five Points Restaurants/The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles. An ingenious and ideal gift for anyone who spends a lot of time cooking is a pair of Onion Goggles. Comfortable, foam seal protects eyes from irritating onion vapours. Anti-fog lenses offer a perfect clarity and eye protection. Put your glasses on and stop crying!

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