Unique Birthday Gifts For Women

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Women tend to be more picky and selective when it comes to their gifts, but because of the wide variety of products that can become birthday gifts for them you end up realizing that is not very hard to put together a gift for her. Because of the occasion, the gift has to be lavish and delightful. If you don’t want to risk, you can always choose for her something classic, like a simple piece of jewelry or a professional high quality make-up kit. The success stays in the details and in your attention to her tastes and preferences. Here are some interesting options.

Unique Birthday Gifts For Women

Unique Birthday Gifts For Women

The majority of women cherishes their hair and takes care of it with great dedication. Because so, here is a gift meant to help with this activity of hair grooming. The GHD Dazzle Gift Set from Sephora is a must have for all women, with short or long locks. The set is made out of 3 pieces:

  • GHD travel hair dryer on black
  • GHD Professional 1″ Styler on black
  • A heat-resistant case with zipper

This set will help her curl up, straighten up and dry her hair. With these tools, making the hair look like a million dollars will be fun and simple. The price for this kit is $215.

Unique Birthday Gifts For Women

Unique Birthday Gifts For Women

Next on this list is the Semiprecious Bracelet from RedEnvelope. This elegant piece is perfect for many types of clothing styles as well as for many types of girls and women. It can be worn with an elegant office outfit as well as with a classy ball gown. It is made out of lots of real gem stones (amethyst, polished peridot, silver beads, pale-blue topaz stones and white and pink freshwater pearls) along a small sterling silver heart. The price for this colorful extravaganza is $49,95.

Last, but not the least meaningful gift for a woman’s birthday is the Butterfly Compact from ThingsRemembered . This compact mirror is a real jewel. It is coated with sterling silver and it comes in an elegant pouch. Inside, it has 2 different mirrors, one magnifies the image by 2 and the other is normal. On the front cover it has a beautifully carved butterfly and a pretty large space for a personalized message, which will be engraved. You can compose whatever message you wish to send the birthday girl or simply choose one offered by the web store. The price for one of these is $20.

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  1. geasmine

    April 11, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Women love to receive gifts on any occasion. You can give her a gift on an absolute ordinary day and she will love you for that. The gift idea you presented are indeed very unique and nice, especially the hair set.

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