Unique 3 Stone Wedding Rings

Wedding Party | February 13 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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One of your favorite types of wedding ring is definitely the three-stone style. We find this design among the most attractive, glamorous, romantic and meaningful type of ring that a bride can decide to purchase for her own wear. First of all it is attractive and glamorous because it features three stones instead of one how the standard and popular solitaire style does.

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And we must admit that three diamonds or gemstones are easier to spot and much easier to captivate more admiring glances than other types of rings. Secondly, we must say something about the symbolism that is hidden within the three-stone design. We said romantic because the 3 stones are there to symbolize the past, the present and the future – the three dimensions of time in which a love relationship takes its course. In this context we can now better understand why this type of ring can be called highly meaningful or symbolic. In general, brides who decide to opt for such a splendid ring are aware of the fact that their selection is personal and sentimental.


We think that there is no other type of ring that can look and be so attractive, feminine, sumptuous and significantly precious! We thought to offer you these examples of unique 3 stone wedding rings in this article because we know that there are many brides out there waiting to see more of these special style son our website. We invite you all who are interested in this remarkable style to browse for more articles and pictures of three-stone wedding rings on our website! We are convinced that you will be able to find something flattering and adequate for your own wear among the styles we’ve presented you so far. Those of you who are searching for a more authentic and original type of unique 3 stone wedding ring can always opt for a vintage style.


The market is full of gorgeous antique inspired wedding rings and bands that you can choose from! However, you should know that the majority of these types of rings are usually set with colored gemstones. Nevertheless, we are sure that you will be able to find a beautiful diamond 3 stone wedding ring made in a sensational and romantically artistic vintage style. You just have to invest more time and energy in searching for the ideal wedding ring that you always dreamed of.


It’s impossible to miss it! We love the new pieces that appeared during the last few years out there where we can see clearly how the old couture style is combined with the fashionable modern style, giving birth to a sensational type of 3-stone wedding ring that can fit perfectly both the modern and the classic bride’s preferences and expectations. We adore the styles where the diamond stones are beautifully enriched with other little diamonds used as pave set for surrounding the central larger stones. These types of unique 3 stone wedding rings are definitely the most glamorous, appealing and fascinating ones that you can choose from.11

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