Unconventional Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | April 09 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Now that weddings have become such exuberant, glamorous and fashionable events where every single item is meant to express the uniqueness of the bride’s or of the couple’s personality, we though to present you a more impressive and bold type of wedding bouquet that off the beat brides-to-be might find it attractive or adequate for their wedding: the unconventional wedding bouquet.

In the following lines we are going to deepen this subject and offer you a few of our favorite images of untraditional wedding flower bouquets and arrangements that you can get inspired from for your own wedding ceremony and reception. There is no other part of the wedding that can bring more joy, excitement and a wonderful experience to the bride than the part when she gets to choose the flowers and compose the décor arrangements or her own wedding bouquet.

Flowers are definitely the most important items of the wedding when it comes to creating the table centerpieces and the rest of the décor arrangements. The flowers are a wedding’s best friend because they represent the most beautiful, inspiring and elegant accessories that can transform a simple reception into a more attractive, inviting and delightful event for the guests to enjoy and remember. There is no doubt that only the flowers can bring more naturalness, femininity, color, freshness and fragrance to a wedding!

However, in this article we’ve decided to talk about artificial types of wedding flower arrangements or about unconventional wedding bouquet composed of any other type of decorative item but flowers. We know that there are many brides out there who are interested in exploring more options before actually choosing a popular and predictable roses wedding bouquet! This is exactly why we though to present you here a few images of gorgeous and glamorous unconventional wedding bouquets that we are convinced you are going to appreciate or fall in love with the minute you get the chance to examine them closely. Among the most common types of flowers that are usually used by brides in an artificial wedding bouquet are: silk anemones, orchids or calla lilies, paper made flowers origami flowers. These are only a few examples of artificial flowers chosen by modern brides today for composing their bouquets or the rest of the wedding arrangements.

Besides the fact that an artificial wedding arrangement is cheaper and more adequate for economical types of brides, we must say that this style can also make a wonderful alternative for brides who are planning a funky, whimsical and unusual wedding! Vintage brides are usually choosing origami or paper made flowers or accessories for composing the table arrangements and the bouquets. Besides these types of accessories, brides are free to use any other type of decorative item or charms and jewelries that can match the theme of the wedding they’re planning. For example, an unconventional wedding bouquet made for a beach or for a destination wedding can contain seashells, corals, pearls and beadings. Other accessories that we recommend are: feathers, sparkling wires, monograms, brooches or beaded symbols.11

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  1. Sandra

    December 21, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    There are many samples of wedding flower bouquets which look pretty unconventional nowadays but in the end unconventional does no always have the dame meaning for everyone…what might be unconventional for me in what concerns the wedding flower bouquets might seem pretty classic to someone else and the other way around it is great that we all have where to choose form nowadays because we can all have the perfect wedding this way being it more or less unconventional according to out own preferences . I, for one, like artificial flowers but I would not use just artificial flowers in creating my wedding flower bouquet even if some of them can look pretty great

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