Ultimate Wedding Cakes

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People want to see some great piece of art wedding cake when they attending a wedding just to feel that it was worth the money. The more stunningly beautiful, simply extraordinary, unusual, unconventional, sleek, sensual and provocative the wedding cake is, the more it will be appreciated, adored and remembered by the guests.

But what are the latest trends in wedding cakes? How does the ultimate wedding cake look like? Is it simply showy, striking and eye-catching but in the end completely distasteful? Of course not! This year, wedding cake designers started to incorporate all kinds of bold, unexpected and surprising colors, shapes and designs, together with incredibly delicious and unique flavor-combinations.

Therefore there is no need to worry anymore about the fact that a too extravagant, fabulous, grandiose or very creative wedding cake is not at delicious and appetizing as it looks. But let’s see are the ultimate wedding cake designs, styles, colors and flavors for 2010. When it comes to the latest colors in wedding cakes, the happy couple cans surely choose from the most dynamical, vibrant, unconventional and admirable ones.

For example, hot pink, fuchsia, red teal, scarlet red, burgundy, turquoise, orange, coral, gray, teal, maroon, purple, tiffany blue, pale yellow, tomato puree, and platinum are only a few of the most fashionable colors for this year’s wedding cake. Turquoise works great with silver, platinum, gold or coral, while navy blue pairs superbly with light violet, red or pink, and are the perfect color mixtures for destination beach wedding affairs that are so popular these days.

If you’re looking to keep the classy look of the cake, opt for a red and black, a black and white, a red and warm beige, an olive green and white, a brown and pale pink or cream color scheme. For a vintage or an antique wedding that are so hot and trendy in 2010, go with a wedding cake colored in olive green and blush or rose pink, beige and softer violet, coral and teal, olive green and violet, dusty red and egg-white.

When it comes to the ultimate wedding cake’s flavors, mocha, espresso, tiramisu, marzipan, red velvet, milk chocolate, chocolate ganache, orange liqueur are the perfect choices for sleek, dainty and stylish afternoon weddings.

For a more tropical, cheerful, playful and vibrant wedding, opt for exotic fruit flavor combinations, such as white key lime and white cream, mango and brown chocolate, coconut and white chocolate, pineapple, strawberries, cheese, orange, lemon, grapes, kiwi, black berries, blue berries, etc.

As for the latest designs and shapes in 2010 wedding cakes, intricate and unconventional mixed shapes win. Rectangular or square iced box wedding cakes, diamonds, wrapped gift box, individual mini wedding cakes as table centerpieces rock! They can be beautified some more with pearls, beadings, crystals, diamonds, lace or sequins appliqués, lavish flowers or bows, rhinestones or gems.11

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