Types Of Wedding Cakes

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Getting married should be a happy blissful time for the couple and everyone involved in the process. We wanted to underline this aspect because in most cases, the bride and groom forget about the purpose of their wedding and get caught up in the stress and confusion of planning the perfect event. It’s obvious that this is a hard time for those who are doing everything on their own. But the results are always more satisfactory and affordable when following a DIY method. You can always ask your parents and other members of your families to give you a hand.

Your best friends might also like to help and support you in this regard. There are many items to plan for a wedding that can bring you a lot of joy and excitement. One of them is the wedding cake. Not being sure about the type of cake to go for is not a solid reason to get overwhelmed by the situation. You need to think about a few important aspects of the wedding, like the formality, the location, the season, the time of day and the theme. These are the principal factors of influence of this decision. The amplitude of the event usually determines the size of the cake and the number of servings. The season and time of day should help you determine the best flavor and ingredients for the cake.

Types Of Wedding Cakes

Types Of Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Pete)

On the other hand, the theme of the party is a clever source of inspiration for the colors and design or shape and details of the cake. You can get inspired from the specific of the wedding venue when selecting the best type of cake for the reception! In most cases, brides and grooms of today already have a favored type of cake they would like to order to create for their wedding. If it doesn’t fit the theme you’ve eventually chosen, adjust the design to match it. There are so many styles to consider! Nowadays anything goes, or at least this is the basic rule for wedding cake etiquette.

The cake should be reflective of your wedding theme, personality and taste. It should be a delicious and elegant confection that fits within the limits of your budget. Conventional couples can stick with the traditional cake type. The column pillared cake is the number one option in this sense. Use fresh flowers for the tiers and the table display. You confection can be of three, four or even seven tiers tall! Go for a stacked cake, for a more modern appeal. The tiers can be more or less symmetrical. Cascade stand cakes are ideal for royal and extravagant weddings. buy a plain cake and make it look artistic with your favorite colors and accents.


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