Two Tone Wedding Dresses

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A lot of the world’s brides are wondering what should their dress be like and how good will it look on them, but you do not have to wonder anymore.

If you are a woman ready to take this big step and also getting a wedding set, you will surely want a strong choice for a dress, a beautiful gown that is not exaggerated, but daring, beautiful and also flattering.

Gwen Stefani's Wedding Dress (Source:

Color is usually the best way to get a twist to a traditional ensemble, making it pop in the crowd and eventually being glamorous and fresh, but there are not too many girls and women ready to dream of a neon pink dress or a lime green one. The solution to this sort of problems stays in two tone dresses, which are the best combination ever because you can choose your favorite bright color and mix it with another one to make it look more refined and maybe more delicate. In the lines that come you will be shown some cool ways of including two tones in one dress with great success and style. The first way that is very popular and requires little money to do it is getting the skirt and the bodice separately form each other. The upper part can be a rich shade such as red or dark blue and the bottom plain white or a creamy beige. This way you will seem like a princess ready to handle her kingdom, strong and pure at the same time. Gradients are ones of my favorite things to use for a wedding gown. Hand dyed or spreading on the whole dress, this detail is a fashionable choice. Gwen Stefani had a magenta pink and white ensemble for her wedding day made by John Galliano that impressed even the harshest stylists. This may cost extra, but the effect it has on the people around you is priceless.

White And Red Wedding Dress (Source:

Another cheap way of using two tones for one dress is to opt for an embroiled wedding dress. You ought to know that the internet is filled with stores selling white, champagne, cream, etc. dresses embroiled with colors like red, blue or pink. Not all of them are flattering or stylish, but with a fine eye for details you will spot the best ones. If you do not want to have such complicated detailing on you, you can just put on some jewelry that features colored stones and maybe even include them in the dress. Lastly we recommend you the white wedding dress with colored satin sash. Classic, beautiful and always complementing, this option is beautiful especially done on a A-line or empire waistline dress.


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