Two Tier Wedding Cakes

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Small wedding cakes are deliciously elegant. They are favored by many wedding designers and experts in field nowadays. We must confess that we too like the idea of having a smaller yet chic cake at the reception instead of a grandiose seven-tier confection. Nevertheless, this trend is recommended especially for those who are having a smaller wedding reception or a shorter guest list. On the other hand, even those who are planning an ampler party can choose several small cakes, individually crafted in different flavors, colors and themes.

The diversity factor is the most convincing one when it comes to small wedding cakes. Two-tier confections are trendy and practical. They are seen in modern wedding reception displayed on the same table with the other wedding desserts. It’s hip to place the cake amid other thematic sweets offered to the guests. A dessert table that also presents the wedding cake can be regarded as a part of the wedding décor. If your wedding is relatively simple and casual, perhaps a 2 tier cake can make a perfect selection. These types of cakes are supposed to be less costly, but it depends on the design they feature.

Two Tier Wedding Cakes

Two Tier Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Ray_from_LA)

It’s not mandatory for a single tier cake to be less expensive than a three tier cake! And we say this because there are many factors to be considered when creating the cake or the tier, such as the filling, the aromas, the frosting and the decorative items. The time and energy consumed by the cake makers always add to the final price of a cake. A big cake is not always tastier than a small cake. We know many cases when things were quite the opposite. Nevertheless, two tier wedding cakes are fresh, modern and extremely dainty. They are stylish selections for both indoors and outdoors weddings. Nevertheless, they are recommended by experts in field especially for alfresco nuptials. If your wedding has a picnic theme you can even consider making the cake yourself.

It’s trendy to bring a homemade cake at the wedding and treat the guests with a delicious organic dessert. Modern wedding invitees favor home-baked food and desserts because they are healthier and a lot tastier than colored organic food. If you’re not the best baker in the world, you can at least purchase an inexpensive white cake and decorate it at home in your own personal way. Use edible decorations or fresh flowers and fruits to make it look more appetizing. Two tier cakes look at their best when built in round tiers. Square shapes are rather traditional than modern. For a more whimsical cake design combine a round and oval shape or a round and heart shape.


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