Tropical Beach Wedding Flowers

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Now that so many modern couples are willing to escape the traditional and formal back home wedding set and head on to something more exotic, adventurous and truly casual romantic, more and more brides are looking for unique tropical beach wedding flowers to decorate the wedding and compose the wedding bouquets.

If your wedding day is going to be held on a sandy beach or on a tropical island such as Hawaii, Caribbean, Bali or Thailand, all you need to complement the natural charm, beauty and perfumed air are the floral arrangements. If you’re looking for something more traditional, choose a leis bridal bouquet made from mini orchids and jasmines. In general, tropical beach wedding flowers are extremely beautiful, vibrantly colored, large and lavish in stems and blooms.

Any type of summer outdoor or nature wedding can be beautified and transformed into a more romantic, exotic, unique and cheerful atmosphere if you decorate the location with tropical beach wedding flowers. You don’t have to cross the seas to plan an ocean side or beach wedding, when you can recreate or evoke the island sent and mood right in your back-yard, in a botanical garden, in a public exotic park, in a country-side, on a field, on a mountain or on a local beach, using the right tropical beach wedding flowers. The bad news is that exotic flowers are usually pretty expensive and therefore not so affordable for nay type of wedding budget. But the good news is that most types of tropical beach wedding flowers are available all year round.

The Bird of Paradise is one of the most popular and used type of tropical beach wedding flower that modern brides choose to compose the wedding bouquets, the table arrangements and to adorn their hairstyles, dresses, corsages, boutonnieres, chairs, church aisle, etc. This type of flower is popular because of its vibrant multi-colored face – orange, fuchsia, yellow, red, green, etc. A Bird of Paradise wedding bouquet can look incredibly hot and trendy, chic, stylish, exotic and romantic, perfect for any destination wedding.

Among other types of tropical beach wedding flowers are star gazer lily or mango calla lily, Cymbidium or Moth orchids, anthuriums, heliconias, calatheas, plumiera, hibiscus, ginger, costus, or jasmines. Anthuriums go well with bright colored roses, while orchids play along superbly with peonies or jasmines. Heliconia works beautiful combined with ginger, while star gazer calla lily goes with roses.

Use different matching tropical leaves, like palm leaves, strelitzia leaves, monstera plants, cerise gerberas or any other herbals and fruits, to enrich a wedding bouquet and obtain a more abundant, festive and spectacular look. Among the most suitable colors for tropical beach wedding flowers are hot pink, fuchsia, burgundy, navy blue, lime, light, emerald or olive green, peachy or bright deep orange, maroon, teal, purple, azure, sapphirine, light blue, bright yellow, brown, mauve or magenta.11

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