Traditional Punjabi Wedding Songs

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Are you fund of specific wedding customs and traditions in order to make your big day more special? Try planning a Punjabi wedding and you’ll find plenty of traditions. Punjabi is the name of a region in the Indian continent between India and Pakistan. Like all other cultures, the Punjabi wedding has many specific rituals, ceremonies and traditional dances that have changed since traditional times.

There is a ceremony in the pre-wedding period, called Rokka where the boy and the girl agree to enter wedlock, meaning that they won’t take into consideration other matrimonial proposals. The Punjabi engagement is called Magni. The family of the future groom goes to the girls’ house with gifts and jewelry to confirm the engagement. The young couple exchange rings.

Another ritual, the Rut Jugga is the ceremony where the family dances and sings traditional songs in the wedding home. After this, the women will go into other friends’ homes where they will be welcomed by sweets and drinks and then they will move on. The ceremony is filled with joy, dancing, food and firework.

After the Rut Jugga comes the Punjabi bridal shower is called Dholki, a banquet where women gather to dance and sing traditional songs. After this, the bride and other women attendants get mendhi or henna designs on their hands and feet.  Meanwhile, at the groom’s house takes place the Pani Vaarna when the groom’s mother makes the aarti, i.e. seven attempts to drink water from a pitcher. The groom allows her to drink only at her seventh attempt.

On the wedding day, the bride follows a ritual called Ubtan. Before her bath, a paste made of powdered turmeric and mustard oil is placed on her body by female friends. The mixture is brings glow on the bride’s body, especially on her face. The Ubtan ceremony is also performed for the groom.

During the wedding ceremony takes place the Milni or the introduction of the male players in the families. Eldest Chachas or father’s younger brother will exchange flowers garlands and money. After this, the couple comes in the middle of the family and place a garland made of flowers on each other to show that they accept each other and will live together with one and other.

During the Kanyadaan the bride’s father puts a ring on the future groom’s finger and he gives his daughter away. After the kanyadaan, begins the pheras, where Agni or sacred fire is encircled seven times.

These are just some of the Punjabi wedding rituals. Let’s see what traditional wedding songs are played and when:

Mangane di geet: sung at engagement

Maneve de gaon: welcome of the bridegroom

Sohhle: songs of happiness and joy

Ghoriyaan: sung as riding to the bride’s home

Sehra: sung when tying the bridegrooms flower-veil

Kangana: the bride and groom enter the house together for the first time as newlyweds.

Suhag: sung by the bride praising her parents and the happy days of her childhood.

Jaggo: sung to call the neighbors to the wedding.

Churra charan vele da geet: sung when the ceremonial bangles are worn by the bride.

Milni: sung at the introduction of the two families.

Siftan: song praising the bridegroom.

Mahinya: sung when the bride is preparing for the bath before wedding.

Khatt: sung when the maternal grandparents bring gifts to the bride on a basket.

Pani Vaarna: The bride is welcomed to her new home.

Shahana: sung when praising the bridegroom.

Pattal: song sung before the wedding meal.11

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