Tosca Spose 2011 Wedding Dresses

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This is the fourth article that we write on the elegant and stylish dresses from Tosca Sposa and we are truly happy to be able to offer you guys such great samples here on our website. We know that many of you are in love with the original style promoted by this designer and wish to see more material on this subject and also more relevant pictures on her creations.


The designer who created for Tosca Spose is Elisabetta Garuffi and we must admit that she is a very talented and ingenious couturier who has all the necessary skills for making her dresses look so damn attractive, figure-flattering and luxurious.

There are many things that we love about her creations and perhaps the sleek lines and the lustrous silhouettes are the ones that manage to convince us into bringing these gorgeous dress masterpieces here on our website. All these precious designs that you can find on this page were created for this designer’s ultimate 2011 bridal collection released for the spring season.

However, we believe that these refined and soft pieces can be worn by summer time brides as well! And we make this nomination because we must confess that due to the simple and clean lines, fluid silhouettes and artistic patterns, these Tosca Spose 2011 wedding dresses can fit different types of seasons, weddings and brides. We recommend this couturier’s collections especially to the mature brides or to those who wish to wear something both decent and fashionable.

The bold fancy cuts, the creative designs and embellishments, the rich and ample details, the soft and expensive fabrics used for these gowns are the elements that make us see these dresses as real pieces of art! Now, perhaps not all of you will find these dresses just as beautiful and flattering as we praise them here, but you will at least find them uniquely cut and inspiring.

We have an interesting article written exclusively on Tosca Sposa wedding dresses with bows that you can look for on our website in order to see a few brilliant and majestic designs that we are convinced you will fall for!

We like the fact that these Tosca Spose 2011 wedding dresses are both elegantly fitted for a wedding and also very aesthetical worked and fashioned so that they can fit the bride with high expectations and a real sense of beauty, fashion, elegance and refinement.11

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