Top wedding dance songs-history of dance or we just dance?

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The human being discovered the music since ancient times, that’s probably the reason for why decades are characterized also through music (among literature, picture, sculpture, wars). Now my questions is another: do people created different musical genres because times had always changed (Victorian Era, Baroque…) or people created different musical genres because they felt the need of emphasizing a certain era? I’ll let this topic open for debates and I’ll wait for your opinions. I’ve start my article with this short surmise because I’d like to talk about dance music. Lots of brides-to-be who are already in time line with their own wedding planning, started to create their play-list and I heard more than 20 times that dance music must be included in wedding play-list. My article is about top wedding dance songs and you probably are expecting to find in it a real top with dance melodies. Yes, I must admit that involuntary I listen dance music (I said involuntary because I listen lots of songs and some of them I even don’t know that are part of dance genre), but till now I never created my own top with dance songs.
This is a very ample topic which must be discussed and debated. Probably, many of you would say: “Why it’s ample? Why it must be complicated?” or “Why it must be debated?” when probably you were expecting to see in my article some example of dance songs suitable for wedding party. I can accomplish this desire too. I’ll let my topic open for debates for those who are interested about history of dance genre. Just surfing on some Internet pages with dance music articles, you’ll see how ample is this musical current and why for many  brides-to-be is quite complicated to create their own top wedding dance songs.

History of dance or we just dance? If you’ll have the curiosity to check some pages with history of dance music and you’ll get surprised of the amount of genres included in dance music, you probably say: “Better let’s dance!”. As I said in the first lines, I can also accomplish your desire of dancing on dance music. I prepared for you some dance melodies, some of them are quite old, but we also must recognize that nowadays, lots of bands continue this current through their music. Here is my short top wedding dance songs with old dance songs but also modern suitable for an unforgettable wedding:

-“Angels” performed by Robbie Williams;

-“Baby One More Time” performed by Britney Spears;

-“Beat It” performed by Michael Jackson;

-“Believe” performed by Cher ;

-“Billie Jean” performed by Michael Jackson ;

-“Boom Boom Pow” performed by Black Eyed Peas;

-“Crazy” performed by Gnarls Barkley ;

-“Cupid” performed by Shuffle Cupid ;

-“Disturbia” performed by Rihanna ;

-“Don’t Cha” performed by Pussycat Dolls ;

-“Don’t Stop The Music” performed by Rihanna.11

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