Top 5 Waltzes to Dance to on your Wedding Night

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1. Dmitri Shostakovich – Second Waltz

The origins of paper signed by Shostakovich are still uncertain and sometimes confuse names. However, most experts agree that this piece is probably part of a jazz suite composed in 1924. A huge wave of popularity of his work came about in 1999 when it was used as part of the soundtrack for Eyes Wide Shut, a film directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.

2. Once Upon A December

Anastasia was one of the most popular animations of 1997. The story was inspired by the partly sad fate of the Romanov Royal House and the urban legend of Anastasia Nikolaevna Grand Duchess of Russia. An entire mythology was born around the youngest daughter of the Russian Royal Family. Legend had it that the girl escaped from the hands of the secret services and had to move away from her native Russia in secrecy. Although never confirmed by experts, the hypothesis remains that the duchess lived either in the US or the UK up to old age. The animated film was born from this legend on whose soundtrack we find one of the most popular waltzes in history.

3. Hijo de la Luna – Mecano

Jose Maria Cano composed this wonderful piece of music in 1986 and it stormed the charts. It tells the story of a love story unlike any other and was originally preformed by the Spanish band Macano. It tells the story of a gypsy woman in love with a man of Calé tribe. She prays to the Moon to marry him because it was forbidden according to gyspy’s laws. The Moon asks for the woman’s first born in return. The child is born with skin that is the whitest white and his eyes are grey. The lyrics explain that the child is a “lunar Albino.” The man presumes the baby is not his and stabs his wife to death. He takes the child and abandons it. But the baby is said to live happily ever after with the Moon as his mother. When he cries, the Moon wanes to cradle and comfort him.

4. My Sweet and Tender Beast – Eugen Doga

Eugen Doga is one of classical music’s greatest names. His works resound in all the great concert halls of the world. UNESCO named this waltz as the fourth greatest musical masterpiece of the twentieth century. It forms part of a soundtrack of the same name and is based on the story of a hunting accident.

5. And the waltz goes on – Sir Anthony Hopkins

Most of us know Anthony Hopkins as a great actor, playing a wealth of memorable characters including Hannibal Lecter. Few are aware of his passion and talent for composing classical music. This piece is one of his earliest compositions, hidden in a drawer by the actor when he was just nineteen years old until just a few years ago when he sent it to violinist Andre Rieu who included in on his 2011 album.

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