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Scottish weddings are a mixture of ancient Highland traditions and modern features. For six hundred years they have preserved the tradition of a church announcement event in the form of so-called “banns of marriage”, where each wedding was announced in church fro three successive Sundays. In the end these banns vanished, instead a simple announcement was made followed by the release of a marriage license. And this custom is preserved till nowadays.

Though the old  tradition of a wedding is not entirely that ritualistic, many of the present’s customs still hook back to the traditions of the past. What in other cultures is known to be the bridal shower, in the Scottish wedding tradition is translated in a “show of presents” where the mother of the future to be bride is holding a party to show the presents for her daughter. There is also the so-called “bachelor’s party”, where here in the Scottish way, just before tying the knot, the groom and his friends go out to celebrate in a wild party and drinking. As to the wedding gowns, the bride is supposed to wear a white wedding dress, while the groom is dressed in traditional Highland kilt, kilt jacket and sporran.

titanium-scottish-wedding-ringsAnother element that keeps the tradition alive is the jewelry design for the wedding rings. The influence of this design is a Celtic one, and its mysterious, intricate beauty has aroused admiration and desire in those who plan to hold on it for the rest of their lives. Because many of the well-known works of Celtic jewelry and artistry came from places located in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Cornwall, these jewelry pieces are very connected through that they share similar designs.

The motif that appears to repete in almost the whole range of wedding rings is the Celtic knot which in jewel’s artistry takes the shape of a basic function and a form of sacred geometry. These shapes carry us toward the mystery of life and nature and we always feel attracted to something that has a scent of mystery, hoping that once it’s understood, it might bring us insight. So, one by one these shapes offer themselves to us in a richness of meanings that wait to be discovered and loved; Celtic Arches, Celtic Hearts, Celtic Links, Claddagh ring (the joining of two hearts), love knot motif, trinity knot, Infinity motif (the infinity knot that represents the individual in all his or her wholeness) – many couples prefer this design for their wedding ring, because its main meaning is about the integration of two into a one identity and purpose.

The metal used for these beautiful wedding rings is generally gold, but it also exists the style of combining precious metals, for instance a gold band having a silver made decorative motif of one of the above described motifs. Next to the precious metal, titanium, a metal that is strong, lustrous and non corrosive, is also used to create   titanium Scottish wedding rings that confers to the wedding band a scent of  “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.11

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