Thrown In The Pool Wedding

Wedding Tips & Ideas | March 20 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Organizing a wedding is a difficult task. Each and every pair og grooms want to combine the creativity with their personal style. At the same time, they want to have unique decorations details, things that place their wedding into a different category than common one. Nowadays even the most crazy idea becomes a wedding theme, for example pool theme wedding. It surely depends on the season but also on your boldness to do extreme things.
Pool wedding theme is related to a less formal wedding. First, because the outfit must be a lax one and two, because having a wedding party at a pool is more like relaxation than a ceremony.

Apart from this, grooms have to be sure that their guests are open minded in order to accept to be there. Also, parents are a problem, due to the fact that they see this fact as puerile, saucy in comparison with the responsibility of getting married. But, a pool wedding theme does not necessary mean swimming and laying on a lounge chair. You can make it that way to become more like a beach wedding party and so, conciliate both parts.

More than these, grooms outfit must be comfortable. So, if you are not the kind of person who dreams about a traditional wedding then this is your solution. The bride can choose to wear a light dress, not too tight but the one that puts value on your body shapes: uncovered shoulders, cleveage and short. For the groom, a pair of flax trousers and also a flax shirt. As for bride`s bouquet she can choose a simple and small sized one made with roses, because they match with any type of wedding and are, at the same time, elegant, as a bride should be.

Apart from the outfit, the decorations are also important but apart from a traditional wedding. In other words, flowers arrangements can be made out of sun flowers or field flowers, which are not costly at all. As for other details, you can add some plastic dolphins, sea stars.

Furthermore, the menu should reflect also your wedding theme: it can be sea food, lots of salads, cocktails and a wedding cake decorated with miniature details as you used for the decorations part, made from chocolate or just with fresh fruits. The key words are simple, fresh and light.

To put it briefly, a pool wedding theme means no complicated or pretentious planning. More fun, unique experience and out of the ordinary way of celebrating a wedding. Used more for its decor a pool will create the impression of a weekend party. Traditional weddings are a mixture of rules, but rules are meant to be infringed. So daring people says. And so can you: free your spirit and wild personality11

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  1. Nola

    April 05, 2011 at 9:27 am

    That might be an idea. I’m looking for ideas for my wedding as i don’t want a traditional one. Fortunately I have parents who have long ago understood I don’t care about rules concerning this type of events. They got used to my extravaganzas, so to say. So looking here, on your site, this idea comes first before gondola and helicopter wedding. The last two are more romantic, but I had to choose from Halloween and Goth, which are a little bit too extreme, even for me. I am going to look for more ideas, but as I said, this one sounds quite OK. And there is another reason for me to learn how to swim, which is great.

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