Three tier wedding cakes with fountains in them

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On the big day, YOU are the star! And with you … the wedding cake. Indeed, it seems that “those” who are marking the event and persist in the memory of the guests are the wedding cake and the bride. Therefore, let’s see how it should look first to be special … You’re curious which are the last trends in wedding cakes?

Three tier wedding cakes with fountains in them are the surprise element of any wedding. Everybody is watching the bride and groom and the wedding cake, obviously. For some couples, the wedding cake budget is unlimited, is like a blank check just written that the final amount, regardless of value, is every bride’s dream since she was a girl. Many of us have wanted the wedding cake from fairytales, many of us dream it with open eyes. Nowadays, with the modern production techniques, any sweet dream is able to become reality. In the moments which we are not inspired, the easiest way to find us a source of inspiration is a “google search”.

The wedding cake is the most desiredd moment of the evening, of course after the theft and redemption of the bride! It may have a classic or a modern form, can be decorated with whipped cream, wrapped in marzipan, covered in natural flowers or fruit may be in keeping with the decor and the bride’s dress and very colorful … But in any case, the three tier wedding cakes with fountains in them offered by professional bakeries will certainly be absolutely delicious! Because of its great taste the marzipan (which is a paste of almonds and sugar) is considered a delicacy in cooking. Flowers in marzipan and figurines are addressed mainly to professionals who want to turn their work in a work of art, to combine the look and taste, so the the result to please everyone.

In addition, and flavorings may be different from layer to layer! The same is true if you prefer the mini-cakes: lighter version of the budget and, in fact, very quickly adopted in the West. Each layer of the tower is composed of mini-cakes, making it easier the guests access to the delicacy. It’s as if you had already cut slices. And if you have them “in disarray”, the surprise is special for the guests: not only because he “struggles” to choose from several varieties, but the flavor can head first or they can split the favorite cake among themselves! And they do, be sure – as some children. Well, then you see entertainment!
Choose at least three different composition ranges. Here, some suggestions of flavors: white chocolate mousse and fruit and black currant of blackberry, dark chocolate with pralina, flavored with lemon cheese and amaretti biscuits…

How to be your three tier wedding cakes with fountains in them black and white? Look really, like your dress, with the suit of the groom. Keep it simple, dark shades of flux and her white gloss, all decorated with pearl balls, satin or ribbon or floral sugar designs, handmade, can add a heady air of elegance. Do not worry it will not “tickle” your taste buds: for example you can add whipped cream or foam, or more chocolate details (flakes, rods, hearts). A fresh and rebellious note bring the details in a third color – usually red. Sprinkle rose petals and delicious cherries to impress.11

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