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We write this article especially for the contemporary brides who want to wear a chic and vibrant vintage inspired wedding dress on their wedding day. We are big fans of this marvelous haute couture house which creates among the most beautiful, fascinating and flattering bridal gowns especially for the brides who are into the coquette and refined antique style.

All these precious gowns that you can admire on this page were designed by the The Vintage Wedding Dress Company and they were made for a spectacular 2011 bridal collection from which we are now presenting a few of the most attractive and dainty styles.

This collection is not only beautiful and unique, but also very rich and generous in designs that can were created according to each decade of the vintage era. This is why you will get the chance to explore and admire a few splendid designs that are inspired by the ‘20s, by the ‘30s, by the ‘40s and so on until the ‘70s gorgeous styles! The old century designs are back in trend and it seems that they are adopted by more and more modern fashion bridal designers today.

However, we must mention here that all the vintage inspired dresses that we get to see today in contemporary haute couture collections look pretty elevated, innovative and exquisite. The fusion made between the old and the new style is absolutely ravishing and the great results seem to convince more and more brides of today in adopting this style for their own wear.

These The Vintage Wedding Dress Company wedding dresses we’re presenting here are exceptional and extraordinary, and they can help any bride make a statement on their wedding day. wearing one of these superb old fashion dresses means differentiating yourself from other brides, and obtaining a more authentic, original and outstanding look!

Those of you who wish to wears something apparently simple, chic, coquette, dainty and nonchalant should definitely opt for one of these gorgeous designs or at least consider one for their wedding. You can get inspired from these dress masterpieces here, because they are created in a very distinctive and original detailed way.

We love the plunging necklines, the French lace sleeves and embroideries, the silk crepe de Chine textures, the low draped backs and the nipped waistlines. There are many elements that we love about these stunning The Vintage Wedding Dress Company wedding dresses here, but now we are curious to find out what you think of these models we’re promoting here!


  1. Delina

    March 11, 2011 at 4:18 am

    You are so right about the ravishing mixture of the vintage and the modern. I am so excited to find the wedding dress that I will wear at my wedding. I am just starting looking for it because i heard this might the right timing. I love the vintage style but i want to look modern as well. And the dress that I am looking for has to remind me of my grandma’s wedding dress. I’ve seen a picture of hers at her wedding and she was wearing a superb wedding dress. It’s 60’s type of dress and I so wish I could find something similar. However, I found a very nice here as well. The third one from bottom is very beautiful, but not quite what i am looking for. Great post, though.

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