Takami Bridal Wedding Dresses III

Wedding Dresses | May 17 2019 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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Those of you who are fascinated by the stunning and ample Japanese bridal style should definitely have a look at these superb Takami Bridal wedding dresses we’re presenting here. We know that there are many brides out there who would like to see more fabulous and impressive haute couture wedding dresses signed by various Japanese designers on our website so this is one of the many reasons for why we’ve decided to bring these stunning dress masterpieces here today.


We have other articles written on Takami Bridal wedding dresses that you can check out on our website, as well as many other articles on various Korean modern wedding dresses that you should browse for in order to see more attractive, original and spectacular styles and designs. Who knows, perhaps you will even be able to find something that can fit both your personality and the type of wedding you’re planning!


This Japanese bridal fashion group has more than 60 years of experience in this filed so we can only imagine how highly qualitative, elegant, fancy, classy and glamorous their dresses are! We look forward to hear from you regarding these sensational Takami Bridal wedding dresses we’re presenting you here hopefully the styles we picked for this article will fit many tastes and preferences.


It would be nice to tell us as well the designs that you prefer or that you would like to wear on your own wedding day! The majority of these gowns promoted in this 2011 bridal collection by Takami Bridal are all ample, sophisticated, extravagant and exquisite.


Those of you who prefer the ample, pompous and voluminous style can surely spot something flattering and appropriate for your own wedding among all these remarkable gowns. There are gowns that resemble the wedding cake topper look and dresses that were made especially for the brides who want to look like a real princess at their wedding.


Besides the fairy-tale vibe emanated by these charming Takami Bridal wedding dresses, we must admit that the cuts, lines and embroideries are pretty artistic, elegant, classy, fancy and refined. These dresses don’t look too busy, fussy or noisy!


They are perfect for the romantic type of bride who wants to wear something more impressive, outstanding and easy to remark from afar that can still look elegant, formal and glamorously modern. We must admit that these models don’t look old fashion, traditional or conservative as in many other cases!11


  1. Malvina

    March 24, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    The princess becomes the queen, right? I think these dresses are so fit for a princess themed wedding. The two exceptions I found here are still very elegant and beautiful, I for one think they are wonderful, but they are fit for mature brides. The rest of them are so cute and so fit for very young and naive brides. Or let’s say for very romantic brides who still think life is a fairytale and they are the main characters. If I were younger I would wear such a dress myself, but since I’m not, the third one is more appropriate for me and for the stylish wedding I’m planning. I love the glittery fabric, the sensual lines and the shoulder strap. It’s a gorgeous wedding dress, really.

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