Mother Son Wedding Dance Song

10 February 2020 0 Comments

Music is one of the most important things in a wedding ceremony and the main reason is related to the fact that it usually sets the tone and the atmosphere of the entire event. Of course, weddings are all about happiness, joy and high spirits and the music will have to convey exactly this. Even […]

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Best Wedding Songs

22 December 2019 0 Comments

There are many things couples need to take care of when they decide to get married and when it comes to their wedding reception, they also need to make sure they choose the right music. Music is one of the most important things at a wedding, as it is the one that sets the mood […]

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Hear Wedding Songs

31 October 2013 0 Comments

The music is one of the most important elements in a wedding. I am talking here both about the ceremony, but about the party as well. The wedding ceremony must be accompanied by some beautiful, romantic, usually vocal-less songs, while the songs for the wedding party are more upbeat, more fun and they are totally […]

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Wedding Songs And Guitar

13 October 2012 0 Comments

Just like the venue you decide to rent, the decorations you choose, the wedding dress you shop for and the other details important for a wedding, the music list selection can help you add a unique touch to an otherwise traditional wedding. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to choose instrumental music, especially the one […]

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Jam Bands Wedding Songs

06 October 2012 0 Comments

If you want your wedding reception to benefit from music that flows freely, you should consider hiring a jam band. These bands are experts when it comes to long improvisations and will make sure that your guests have fun. If you are interested in making jam band songs part of your wedding, you will have […]

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Father And Daughter Songs To Dance To For A Wedding

13 July 2012 0 Comments

A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. It is the moment she has been waiting for since she was young. Most of the girls dream about their wedding; they picture it over and over again, thinking about every little detail. They picture about the way in which they will […]

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Wedding Song List

10 March 2012 0 Comments

The wedding you have always wanted to have it’s on its way and you have not thought about the music yet. The truth of the matter is that you should not be too scared or panicked, because there is still enough time for you to choose the songs. Usually, people tend to overstress themselves and […]

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First Dance Wedding Songs 2011

21 January 2012 0 Comments

There are many things couples need to know about when they decide to get married and one of the things they need to know is that the music they choose is very important, as the music is the one that sets the entire mood and atmosphere of the wedding reception. Another interesting thing couples need […]

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Most Popular Wedding Songs

20 January 2012 0 Comments

There are many things couples need to do when they decide to get married and planning such an event like a wedding can be quite stressful and time consuming. This is the main reason for which in the day of their wedding, couples are so stressed out and worried that things will not go as […]

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Songs For Wedding Videos

31 January 2011 0 Comments

Your wedding day was a total blast. Now it’s time to relive it by putting together a wedding video that will remain a priceless souvenir over generations. Romantic music and love songs are a must when it comes to wedding videos. The images and the wedding moments must be accompanied by appropriate songs. The soundtrack […]

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Wedding Anniversary Songs

15 January 2011 0 Comments

There’s nothing nicer than celebrating your wedding anniversary. Nothing compares to an everlasting love. If you want to throw a party to celebrate your love together with friends and relatives, you have here some tips for what music to choose for a successful wedding anniversary. One of the most memorable parts of a long relationship […]

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Touching Songs About Girls Growing Up For Wedding Slideshows

06 January 2011 1 Comment

You are very excited because your daughter’s wedding is just around the corner. As parents, you always experience mixed feelings seeing your little girl growing up more with each year. First she crawls, and then she walks and starts to speak, then follows the school years and so on. Time passes away and life goes […]

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