Unity Candle Ceremony Songs

05 October 2019 0 Comments

The unity candle ceremony symbolizes the vow of unity between the bride and groom to be and the merging of their families. The ceremony occurs after the ring exchange and before the young couple is pronounced husband and wife. The unity candle has unclear origins. Some writers say it might go back to 1930s. According […]

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Famous Wedding Songs

04 August 2019 0 Comments

In order to make your wedding ceremony special you have the possibility to choose between famous wedding songs. If you have enough time you can download from the network your favorite songs and you can burn them on a disk but if you don’t have time you can go personally to one of the bookstores […]

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Contemporary Wedding Dance Songs for the Reception Party

10 February 2014 2 Comments

Not as a strict rule or applying concept at all weddings but lately more and more pairs of grooms and also guests would like to hear modern music. Traditionalism loses ground and mostly because in transforms the event into a common one, something that everybody already knows, something that will not come as a surprise […]

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Wedding Song List

10 March 2012 0 Comments

The wedding you have always wanted to have it’s on its way and you have not thought about the music yet. The truth of the matter is that you should not be too scared or panicked, because there is still enough time for you to choose the songs. Usually, people tend to overstress themselves and […]

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