Tosca Spose 2011 Wedding Dresses

15 March 2020 0 Comments

This is the fourth article that we write on the elegant and stylish dresses from Tosca Sposa and we are truly happy to be able to offer you guys such great samples here on our website. We know that many of you are in love with the original style promoted by this designer and wish […]

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Wedding Songs Bridesmaids

16 September 2019 0 Comments

The wedding date is set, the wedding plans are about to be considered, but have you, as a future bride, thought of your bridesmaids? Because as any other element included in your wedding planning, the selection of bridesmaids is also important. Your female friends are very excited about your upcoming event and they want to […]

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Italian Wedding Songs

20 December 2014 1 Comment

Weddings in Italy have the perfume of old and the scent of romance, especially if we consider that Verona, the place where Romeo and Juliet’s love story takes place, is located in Italy. When we say Italy we associate quite often its name with gondolas, with Venetians carnivals and the mysteries that they hide behind […]

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Wedding Songs from Mothers to Daughters

28 March 2011 3 Comments

Even though a wedding is much more about grooms, part of it is dedicated to parents too. After all they are the reason for the grooms to be now here, so thankful for giving birth. So, this love celebration, the wedding, meets others significances, about the love expressed for parents and each one part for […]

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Songs for Wedding March

20 March 2011 1 Comment

Of all the wedding moments the religious ceremony is surely the most important one. In fact it represents the deep meaning of this event. Every second is lived intensely especially by the bride, not only during the ceremony but since its very beginning: she is waited at the altar by its true love, admired by […]

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