Wedding Songs by Black Artists

11 February 2020 0 Comments

Wedding songs are the ones that deliver the message of love, commitment and happiness of this wonderful unique event. Black and white will always make a good combination. Speaking about wedding music, black love songs have a certain unique flavor. If you are looking for great wedding songs sung by black artists, here you have […]

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Mother Son Wedding Dance Song

10 February 2020 0 Comments

Music is one of the most important things in a wedding ceremony and the main reason is related to the fact that it usually sets the tone and the atmosphere of the entire event. Of course, weddings are all about happiness, joy and high spirits and the music will have to convey exactly this. Even […]

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Quinceanera And Wedding Entrance Songs

17 January 2020 0 Comments

Like I said in a previous article, Mexican people are very family oriented. When a Chicano girl turns 15, this is a huge event for the entire family, involving a big celebration, accompanied by a church ceremony, a dinner and a dance. Are you planning such event or just interested in finding out something more? […]

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Guitar Wedding Cakes

15 August 2019 0 Comments

It’s a good idea to choose a theme for your wedding before you start out with the wedding plans. With a theme in mind you will be much easier to make decisions when you need to make reservations for the wedding dresses, wedding location or other elements. A well-planned theme wedding gives you the pleasure […]

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Wedding Songs For Mother And Groom

10 February 2019 0 Comments

The wedding reception is all about good food and dancing. So, you should keep in mind that besides the first dance you will also have to coordinate a mother-son and a father-daughter dance. That means you will have to choose the right song by the side of your loved ones and even practice once or […]

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Good Father Daughter Songs For Wedding

05 June 2012 0 Comments

One of the most important moments in a wedding reception is the father – daughter dance. This is the dance which follows after the first dance of the bride and the groom and it is also the dance which invites people to come to the dance floor and share a beautiful moment with their partners. […]

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Wedding Song List

10 March 2012 0 Comments

The wedding you have always wanted to have it’s on its way and you have not thought about the music yet. The truth of the matter is that you should not be too scared or panicked, because there is still enough time for you to choose the songs. Usually, people tend to overstress themselves and […]

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Wedding Songs Listen

14 December 2011 0 Comments

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes about planning a wedding ceremony is to choose the best wedding songs. Before you make a final decision it is important to listen to wedding songs because might happen that you don’t like the songs that you have downloaded. In most of the cases every couple […]

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Big Band Songs for your themed wedding

05 January 2011 0 Comments

Having a Big Band Era Themed wedding? Then you must know that the period corresponding to this era is the mid 1920’s through the 1940’s. For those couples who love idea of having a 1940’s vintage wedding, such theme will provide lots of nostalgia and sophisticated elegance for the big event. Below you can find […]

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Best Songs for a Jazzy Wedding

14 December 2010 0 Comments

Are you the jazzy type and need some good jazz songs for your wedding? Are you enjoying flapper dresses, long pearl necklaces and pinstriped zoot suits? Than you must adapt some good music to the landscape. For those who don’t know yet, jazz is that type of music that originated at the beginning of the […]

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