Lutheran Wedding Songs

10 January 2019 0 Comments

If you are one of those couples growing up in the Protestant Christian denomination, you will probably choose to have a Lutheran wedding ceremony. Lutheranism is a denomination of Christianity, but there are some branches of the Lutheran church that share big disagreements and differences. Due to these disagreements, the service and the stages of […]

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Renewing Wedding Vows Invitations

05 April 2011 0 Comments

The wedding ceremony focuses on a new chapter while the wedding vow renewal ceremony underlines the success of this new chapter, so to say. If you decide to plan such an event then you want to celebrate a love story that has the same glitter as it did in the first moments. It means that […]

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Love Songs Used For Wedding Vows

17 March 2011 2 Comments

If it is to take only the music part for the wedding in general it should be about background slow love songs– as they represent in totally this event and its meaning- plus alternative rhythmic ones for the entertainment part, for everyone to dance and enjoy the party. But music does more than this, becoming […]

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Top 10 Christian Wedding Songs

28 December 2010 0 Comments

Looking for good Christian wedding songs? Well, Christian wedding songs are a balance between love songs and religious songs, which makes them perfect for wedding ceremony songs or reception songs. These songs are not too solemn and not too informal and definitely will set the good mood. Here are 10 of the best Christian songs […]

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Free Printable Wedding Vow Renewal Invitations

26 November 2010 0 Comments

The wedding is one special moment. The renewal of wedding vows is a totally different moment. Yes, there is clearly a connection between the two. It is a linearity that bounds the concepts in one way or another. Consider the wedding as the first step and consider the renewal as the ultimate step. Maybe the […]

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