Hippie Wedding Cakes

09 February 2019 1 Comment

You want originality? Then choose the hippie chic style for your wedding cake! From a social movement for civil rights occurred in the ’60s in the U.S.A. , at a fad of image. This is the hippie style, a maverick style, without too many pretensions, abusers of colors as diverse as it is intense. A […]

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Hippie Wedding Cake Topper

13 June 2011 0 Comments

The details you choose for your wedding defines your personality, your style, hobbies and even occupation. We all want to have a unique wedding, to choose the things that best defines us and to have the wedding we always wanted. If the conventional, traditional style doesn’t characterize you choose a hippie style for your wedding. […]

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Hippie bride wedding bouquets

14 November 2010 0 Comments

Not all brides have the same image of a romantic wedding bouquet or the definition of a beautiful flower arrangement. Besides this, not all brides want the juicy sumptuous romantic wedding or bridal look! And this is because each bride is unique and different in her own way of perceiving a wedding and envisioning the […]

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