Ivory wedding bouquets New York

07 December 2019 0 Comments

Are you planning a classy refined wedding? Or perhaps an antique inspired wedding and you haven’t found yet the right color for your bridal bouquet? Well, we’ve found it for you: ivory! It seems that more and more pastel natural soft shades are visible in modern sleek and select weddings today. Besides ivory, brides are […]

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Eccentric Wedding Bouquets

06 December 2019 0 Comments

When planning the flowers for the wedding the happy excited bride must take into account several aspects of the wedding that have a direct influence on how extravagant or elaborated the arrangements should be. And these aspects of the wedding that are decisive in choosing the best type of bouquet or flowers are: the venue, […]

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Dark Red Wedding Flowers

05 December 2019 1 Comment

The wedding flowers a bride chooses for her wedding are able to transform the event into a more inviting, sensual and elegant reception party that the guests are going to enjoy and remember. The power of flowers one decides to go for her wedding is endless! They can change the whole place and turn it […]

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White rose wedding flower centerpieces

04 December 2019 2 Comments

Brides who plan on spending a natural modern & chic wedding in the middle of the nature or anywhere else indoors in a more coquette and refined stylish local can go with white rose wedding flower centerpieces. All-white weddings are back in trend and they look even more voguish, refined and delicate than before. We […]

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Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Bridal Collection

02 December 2019 0 Comments

The newest Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Bridal Collection that these talented designers released for this year is just as many of those who are familiarized with their style expected to be: dramatic, sophisticated and voluptuous.   These superb gowns that we’re presenting here are not very different from the ones that we found in the […]

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V-neck sheath wedding dresses Los Angeles

02 December 2019 0 Comments

Nowadays there are two categories of brides: simple-natural brides and sophisticated-glamorous brides. But this is only one of the many categorizations that we can make in order to better define the types or brides existent today. We are here to discuss about the simple kinds of brides who are planning an intimate, small, private yet […]

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Classy mermaid wedding dresses

30 November 2019 1 Comment

All the dresses signed by Simone Carvalli for the newest 2010 bridal collection are incredibly soft, sexy, refined and elegant. In this article we are going to present you a few of the most adorable, delicate and remarkable classy mermaid wedding dresses that you might choose for your hot and trendy wedding. The perfection that […]

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V-back wedding dresses

26 November 2019 2 Comments

In case your wedding is going to be held on a sandy beach shore or on a topical island, you must plan ahead for the perfect casual and sexy wedding dress that you’re going to wear. Not many wedding locations require a less formal and a less sophisticated and elegant wedding dress as the beach […]

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Anthurium wedding bouquets New York

24 November 2019 1 Comment

For the modern bride who is planning a wedding in New York or anywhere else where perhaps a stunning majestic elegant anthurium wedding bouquet can really help them break away from rules, traditions and help them make a personal statement on the day. Unfortunately not too many brides are aware of the striking beauty and […]

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Novestia Autumn Wedding Dresses

23 November 2019 2 Comments

This is the second article that we write on the fabulous and gorgeous Novestia Autumn wedding dresses hopefully that these refined and precious we picked for this discussion will fit the preferences of many brides. We believe that this designer’s collections are among the most elegant, purely impeccable and exquisite ones, containing simply sophisticated, chic […]

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Alvina Valenta wedding dresses

21 November 2019 3 Comments

Brides in search of a wonderful elegant wedding dress with a timeless flair should definitely take a minute to explore Alvina Valenta’s style and take a look at these stunning special gowns posted in the images below. This designer is famous for her immaculate way of creating highly sophisticated and yet refined wedding gowns. The […]

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Vintage pink wedding flower centerpieces Chicago

20 November 2019 4 Comments

For the happy bride who is planning an old style wedding we’ve found these pictures with vintage pink wedding flower centerpieces that we hope to be useful in one way or another. Nowadays the majority of the modern brides are reconsidering their options when it comes to choosing the right theme or the color scheme […]

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Casablanca Bridal Wedding Dresses

17 November 2019 0 Comments

Those of you who are planning a more lustrous and sleek elegant look might be interested in seeing these wonderful pictures of Casablanca Bridal wedding dresses posted below on this page. This fashion designer is famous for her exquisite wedding dresses made with a very profound attention to details. Each of her bridal gowns is […]

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Casablanca Wedding Dresses III

17 November 2019 1 Comment

We are back with new impressive and glamorous haute couture gowns designed by Casablanca for a wonderful 2011bridla collection that we recommend especially to the sophisticated brides who are planning a highly elegant wedding and a chic modern look.   All these precious models were created exclusively for the spring season, but we believe that […]

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Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses Los Angeles

16 November 2019 1 Comment

If you’ve always dreamt of getting married dresses up like Grace Kelly, we’re sure that you’re going to love this article and especially these pictures with Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses. More and more modern brides of today are turning to the vintage fashion when the style was extremely stylized and the elegance was totally […]

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Rosanna Perrone Wedding Dresses II

11 November 2019 0 Comments

This is the second article that we write on Rosanna Perrone wedding dresses and we are happy to be able to present you more beautiful pieces from her 2011 bridal collection here on our website. So, if you’re interested or just curious to see more gorgeous styles created by this designer, you should definitely look […]

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Pronovias – Dreams wedding dress collection

01 November 2019 1 Comment

We’ve reached one of the final collections released by Pronovias for 2012 and we are very happy to be able to show you a few of the most fascinating and breath-taking pieces from the Dreams collection. It is a privilege for us to have access to the 6 advance collections promoted by Pronovias for the […]

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Radiosa Wedding Dresses III

31 October 2019 1 Comment

We are back with more stunning and amazingly beautiful pieces made by Radiosa for the magnificent 2011 bridal collection. We know that there are many brides out there attracted to the original and sumptuous style promoted by Radiosa who wish to see more of this designer’s fashionably romantic and elegant dresses here on our website. […]

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