Edgy wedding dresses

01 April 2020 1 Comment

Off the beat brides who are interested in wearing a more edgy wedding dress perhaps might get the inspiration from the images shown below in this article. When we say ‘edgy” we mean: provocative, outstanding, unconventional, funky, whimsical, dramatic and perhaps weird and unusual. These gowns (signed by Marchesa for the spring/summer bridal collection of […]

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Gorgeous Full Skirt Wedding Dresses

30 March 2020 1 Comment

Brides who want to obtain the fairy-tale princess-like look for the wedding day should definitely stop for a second in feasting their eyes on these one of a kind gorgeous full skirt wedding dresses we found for you. These remarkable creations were designed by Jenny Packham for a special sleek and sensual 2011 bridal collection […]

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Cascading fabric wedding dresses

29 March 2020 1 Comment

In order to look stunning, appealing, spectacular and attractive or unique on the big day you have to be willing to invest more – time, energy and money in finding and purchasing a more remarkable fabulous wedding dress. Perhaps the perfect wedding gown for you has to be made by a famous designer or at […]

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Stephanotis Bridal Bouquets

28 March 2020 0 Comments

Those who want to wear a highly meaningful flower bouquet on the wedding ceremony should opt for a white stephanotis bridal bouquet! And we make this recommendation because stephanotises are the most viable symbols for “marital happiness”! This quality is for certain one of the many that convinces so many brides in choosing these lovely […]

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Couture Naoco Wedding Dresses II

28 March 2020 1 Comment

The number of brides who decide to plan a fairy-tale wedding and wear a princess ball gown wedding dress has not increased nor has decreased significantly during the last few years. However, there are many brides today who believe in the magic or an ample, sophisticated and elaborated wedding dress made in a more artistic […]

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Ana Torres wedding dresses

26 March 2020 3 Comments

In case you are in love with the Spanish couture bridal style perhaps you will find these stunning Ana Torres wedding dresses beautiful, attractive and suitable for your taste and personality. Many modern brides tend to have a favorite fashion designer or a favorite style that they wish to follow for their own wedding dress […]

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Princess-fit wedding dresses

23 March 2020 1 Comment

Brides who dream of a highly extravagant wedding might be interested in seeing these fabulous princess-fit wedding dresses made by Julia Kontogruni for her splendid 2010 bridal collection. We find these gowns absolutely magnificent and spectacular, perfect for all contemporary brides who are willing to invest more in a fancy glamorous look for the big […]

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Adolfo Dominguez Wedding Dresses

20 March 2020 2 Comments

For modern brides who are looking for a chic and simplistic type of wedding dress to wear at the wedding might want to take a look at these special and pretty Adolfo Dominguez wedding dresses presented below on this page. This article and as well as these delicate dresses here are dedicated to all casual […]

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Oliver Tolentino Evening Dresses III

18 March 2020 1 Comment

We are back with more delightful and irresistible dress samples created by Oliver Tolentino for a fabulous 2011 evening collection that we recommend to both brides who are planning a more sensual and luxurious reception party and to female wedding guests who are attending a more glamorous type of wedding reception.   This is the […]

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Tosca Spose 2011 Wedding Dresses

15 March 2020 0 Comments

This is the fourth article that we write on the elegant and stylish dresses from Tosca Sposa and we are truly happy to be able to offer you guys such great samples here on our website. We know that many of you are in love with the original style promoted by this designer and wish […]

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Vanitas Wedding Dresses

15 March 2020 1 Comment

The pictures that you can admire below on this page contain a few of our favorite Vanitas wedding dresses that we have selected for this article especially for the contemporary brides who are out there waiting to see more fresh and innovative designs on our website. Well, these fabulous gowns here are definitely unique, original […]

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Lazaro Wedding Dresses

09 March 2020 1 Comment

Fans of Lazaro’s sensational style have the privilege to feast their eyes on more of this fashion designer’s wonderful creations on our website. The gowns that we’ve prepared for this article are all part of one of the most impressive and intricate bridal collection made by Lazaro for the year 2011.   These remarkable creations […]

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Elizabeth Barboza Wedding Dresses

03 March 2020 1 Comment

Brides who are interested in wearing something truly magnificent, one of a kind and spectacular on the wedding day should definitely take into consideration one of these super charming Elizabeth Barboza wedding dresses presented below in the images. We personally think that this designer’s gowns are truly remarkable and highly charming, which makes them the […]

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Silk ivory wedding dresses New York

29 February 2020 2 Comments

For those who are planning a sensual sophisticated, lustrous, glamorous and shiny bridal look perhaps a beautiful silk ivory wedding dress can truly make a gorgeous sleek choice. We’ve chosen this type of material for all the brides who want to obtain a more refined, elegant, polished and sexy feminine look on the day. Nowadays […]

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Jorge Terra Wedding Dresses II

27 February 2020 2 Comments

For all Jorge Terra’s unique bridal style fans we prepared more fabulous wedding dresses to show you here on our website. In this article we are going to present you a few of our favorite bridal gowns made by this genius couturier for a marvelous 2010 collection hopefully the images we’ve selected will reach your […]

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Illusion back wedding dresses

25 February 2020 0 Comments

Among the millions of online wedding dresses that one can browse through on the internet in search of the perfect wedding dress, the modern happy bride should stop a minute and look at the sensual illusion back wedding dress that more and more women are drawn to choose and wear on the big day. The […]

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Alena Goretskaya Wedding Dresses II

22 February 2020 2 Comments

Modern brides who are looking for something relatively romantic but with a whimsical twist should definitely take a minute of their time to investigate closely these superb gowns made by Alena Goretskaya designer. For those who want to see more of this fashion couturier’s magical pieces we have another article on the same subject on […]

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Antonio Riva Timeless Bridal Collection

21 February 2020 0 Comments

Are you looking for a spectacular wedding dress that can make you look like a real modern diva for your wedding day? Then you will surely like these gorgeous haute couture gowns that we’re presenting here.   Those who are already familiarized with the ample sophisticated style of Antonio Riva have already guessed that it’s […]

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