How to find your perfect wedding dress with a small budget

20 May 2020 0 Comments

Every woman knows that the wedding dress is generally the most expensive item a future bride has to buy for her wedding. And the more Swarovski Crystals and Vera Wang creations you aim for, the more the prices are gonna go up. But let’s assume that you are on a budget and no matter how […]

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Ethereal wedding dresses

18 May 2020 5 Comments

Are you planning a destination casual wedding, or perhaps a wedding affair in the middle on the nature? Then you’ll definitely need to wear something light-weight, simple, floating and flowing, like an ethereal wedding dress. More and more 2010 brides are interested wearing something that’s more casual, comfy, flattering, delicate, soft and easy to go […]

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Vintage off the shoulders wedding dresses San Francisco

14 May 2020 1 Comment

Now that so many brides of today are attracted to the idea of wearing an old style wedding dress on the special day perhaps these images with vintage off the shoulders wedding dresses that we’ve found and gathered here will come as an important subject. We recommend this type of dress – the off the […]

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Summer Wedding Dresses

04 May 2020 0 Comments

A dress for a summer wedding dress has to be cool and comfortable. It has to look as any great gown, but to be suited for the season. Summer brides surely have lots of stylish and elegant options.Summer is one of the most popular wedding seasons.  Whys is that? It’s because of the long and […]

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One shoulder Greek style wedding dresses Miami

29 April 2020 1 Comment

For the modern bride who is betting on a more Aphrodite goddess look perhaps these pictures with one shoulder Greek style wedding dresses (taken from here:, might help you decides whether this style is one not suitable or flattering for you. The vast majority of the modern wedding dress designers have a few […]

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Fashion-forward wedding dresses

21 March 2020 1 Comment

When it comes to fashion and wedding dresses the debates can continue for years and years. Every year appear new styles and more attractive designs that modern brides are always happy to experiences and ready to embrace. But these novelty wedding dresses are not simply experiments that designers make in order to find out what […]

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Romantic sweetheart wedding dresses New York

19 March 2020 1 Comment

If you have always dreamt of wearing a sensual sweetheart wedding dress perhaps now it’s the time to choose the most suitable one for you. Nowadays you can find thousands of beautiful, unique and more outstanding romantic sweetheart wedding dresses that you can choose from. You just need to follow the one that can fit […]

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Organic cotton wedding dresses

03 March 2020 2 Comments

The modern 2010 bride is substantially different from the traditional one in matters of style, bridal vision and perception of the elegance, beauty and naturalness. For the contemporary bride a successful wedding dress is the one that manages to still look and feel natural among other qualities that are related with fashion, daintiness, extravagance and […]

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Show Informal Wedding Dresses For Outdoors

11 February 2020 1 Comment

If you’re wedding it’s coming and if you want it to be an informal wedding then you will need an informal wedding dress. Also if you organize everything such as the wedding is going to take place outside then what you’re going to need it’s an informal wedding dress for outdoors. Not all wedding have […]

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Bateau Neckline Wedding Dresses

28 January 2020 0 Comments

In this article we are going to discuss about bateau neckline wedding dresses and also show you a few of the most beautiful or representative models that feature this design that we found on the internet. We have a few other articles written on this subject that you can find and read on our website. […]

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Beautiful Wedding Dresses for Outdoor Weddings

20 January 2020 1 Comment

It’s a fact that more and more brides of today want to spend the wedding day in a more comfortable, cozy and natural location such as in a botanical garden, in a public park, on an open field or in a country side. Well, for those types of brides who are planning on a charming […]

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Flower one shoulder wedding dresses

07 January 2020 2 Comments

Nowadays, among the most popular types of wedding dresses are destination wedding dresses for brides who are planning a beach or an island wedding. It seems that more and more modern brides are electing a more exotic and tropical natural location for their wedding to take place instead of the traditional usual conventional city. That […]

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Sand Castle Wedding Cakes

25 December 2019 0 Comments

Perhaps nothing is more beautiful than to get married on a sandy beach when the sun shines and the joyful waves reflected from the background . Both the bride and the groom, and their guests will have unforgetable memories. In the summer, beach weddings are becoming more popular and more and more couples chooseto exchange […]

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RS Couture Wedding Dresses

18 December 2019 3 Comments

Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to make the final choice when it comes to the special wedding dress when there are so many fashion bridal designers who are creating so stunning and impressive pieces. The paradox is that it’s not at all difficult to find the perfect wedding dress but to choose it from […]

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Simple White Wedding Dresses

11 December 2019 2 Comments

The wedding day is one of the most awaited days of young girls. They imagine how everything will be and what they wish everything would be.  A white wedding dress is always in their dreams. Even though there are brides that imagine colored wedding dresses or even if there are others that imagine puffy princess […]

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Modest Wedding Dresses In Utah

06 December 2019 0 Comments

While there are lots of types of wedding dresses the modest wedding dress is probably one of the most popular choices especially for the brides with a low budget. Wearing modest wedding dresses doesn’t mean that you will wear an old or an ugly wedding dress, it just means that you’ll wear a cheaper one, […]

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V-neck sheath wedding dresses Los Angeles

02 December 2019 0 Comments

Nowadays there are two categories of brides: simple-natural brides and sophisticated-glamorous brides. But this is only one of the many categorizations that we can make in order to better define the types or brides existent today. We are here to discuss about the simple kinds of brides who are planning an intimate, small, private yet […]

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Non White Wedding Dresses

17 November 2019 1 Comment

Being a non traditional bride asks for a non traditional wedding dress. Traditional wedding dresses are usually white so to make it nontraditional the only thing you should do is to wear a non white wedding dress.   Nowadays there are a lot of brides that want to be nontraditional. Is the new trend, funky […]

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