Best Love Songs Ever

05 October 2019 0 Comments

Love is the best feeling of the mankind. It is the virtue that represents all of human kindness, compassion and affection.  Over the time, a lot of artists sung about love as being the nicest feeling ever. A great singer once said in one of his songs: Love and marriage go together like the horse […]

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Famous Wedding Songs

04 August 2019 0 Comments

In order to make your wedding ceremony special you have the possibility to choose between famous wedding songs. If you have enough time you can download from the network your favorite songs and you can burn them on a disk but if you don’t have time you can go personally to one of the bookstores […]

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Wedding Reception Dance Music

02 November 2013 0 Comments

Wedding receptions are the events where people celebrate the union of the couple who has recently said I do. Wedding receptions are important because they are the way in which you let all your friends and family members know just how happy you are with getting married and you want to have a huge party, […]

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Wedding Entrance Song

24 March 2012 0 Comments

Music is extremely important in a wedding and not only in the reception, but in the ceremony as well. Throughout time, there have been numerous people who wrote beautiful songs that people could use in their wedding ceremony and that means that there are plenty songs a couple can choose from. When it comes to […]

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Wedding Songs Ceremony

12 March 2012 0 Comments

People all over the world know how important the wedding ceremony is and this is the main reason for which they spend a lot of time choosing the right music for this particular part of the wedding. Believe it or not, the music is extremely important, as it is the one to set the entire […]

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Wedding Song List

10 March 2012 0 Comments

The wedding you have always wanted to have it’s on its way and you have not thought about the music yet. The truth of the matter is that you should not be too scared or panicked, because there is still enough time for you to choose the songs. Usually, people tend to overstress themselves and […]

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First Dance Wedding Songs 2011

21 January 2012 0 Comments

There are many things couples need to know about when they decide to get married and one of the things they need to know is that the music they choose is very important, as the music is the one that sets the entire mood and atmosphere of the wedding reception. Another interesting thing couples need […]

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Most Popular Wedding Songs

20 January 2012 0 Comments

There are many things couples need to do when they decide to get married and planning such an event like a wedding can be quite stressful and time consuming. This is the main reason for which in the day of their wedding, couples are so stressed out and worried that things will not go as […]

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Top 10 R/b Wedding Songs 1980's

28 July 2011 0 Comments

Music comes with an emotional luggage. Some of the songs may be the imprint for one’s life as being the representative one for a specific moment of a great importance. Imagine for example the wedding music- some of the wedding songs will remain for the bride and groom their soul music.    With certainty the […]

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Good Song for A 50th Wedding Anniversary

24 March 2011 0 Comments

Like in the wedding day it is celebrated the love which unites the grooms’ destinies at each and every year that passes and appends to the increasing number of the wedding anniversary this celebration gains a much more important significance: it is now about a whole life shared. And to see couples reaching big numbers […]

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Wedding Songs to Walk Down the Aisle

03 March 2011 4 Comments

At a wedding ceremony, the moment when the bride walks down the aisle is the most important part of the event. The bride gets in the center of attention and all eyes will be focused on her. In order to add some drama to the moment, there is a tradition to play some music in […]

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Wedding Anniversary Songs

15 January 2011 0 Comments

There’s nothing nicer than celebrating your wedding anniversary. Nothing compares to an everlasting love. If you want to throw a party to celebrate your love together with friends and relatives, you have here some tips for what music to choose for a successful wedding anniversary. One of the most memorable parts of a long relationship […]

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Top 100 wedding love songs of all time

06 January 2011 0 Comments

Planning a romantic wedding? I hope this list containing about 100 love songs of all time, from all music genres will help you choose the best songs for your wedding ceremony and reception. No matter what music genre you like, I’m sure you’ll find something on your taste. After All by Peter Cetera and Cher […]

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Make your big wedding entrance on a popular song

05 January 2011 0 Comments

After you have been pronounced husband and wife, you leave the church smiling and confident in a new beginning.  It’s time to make your grand entrance into the wedding venue to party with your family and friends. You need a strong song to make your entrance glorious because all eyes will be on you two. […]

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1969 Top Love Songs for Your Wedding Day

04 January 2011 0 Comments

Quality music is an important detail of your wedding day. If you need music from a particular era, 1969 was a great year for music with famous artists releasing great songs remembered up to present days. This is the characteristic of quality music: it never dies. If you are planning a wedding, you can take […]

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Best love duets for your wedding

21 December 2010 0 Comments

Did you think about having some duets at your wedding reception? Well, there is something nice about hearing a man and woman singing about love. There are many amazing duets perfect for weddings. You have below a list of the most famous and most requested duets to take into consideration for your special day: The […]

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