Lutheran Wedding Songs

10 January 2019 0 Comments

If you are one of those couples growing up in the Protestant Christian denomination, you will probably choose to have a Lutheran wedding ceremony. Lutheranism is a denomination of Christianity, but there are some branches of the Lutheran church that share big disagreements and differences. Due to these disagreements, the service and the stages of […]

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Church Approved Wedding Songs

07 April 2011 3 Comments

If the wedding party, the reception is all about no restricted facts not the same thing can be said about the first event: the religious ceremony. Here many elements are determined factors even though you might want or like it or not. Firstly it is about the fact that it takes place in a church, […]

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Famous Christmas Wedding Songs

05 February 2011 0 Comments

Each Holy day and celebration is special, but Christmas is considered to be the most special time of the year, being the celebration of Christ’s birth for the Christians and a festive time of joy and reunions for other religions. It’s an especially beautiful time to plan your wedding day and every Christmas will have […]

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Wedding Cake Topper Palm Tree

26 January 2011 0 Comments

June is an ideal month to get married for outdoors. The weather is warm but not too hot. The scent of roses blend perfectly with the flavor of love. Marry on the freshly mown grass and invite the guests to join the ceremony which takes place outdoors. Beach weddings are fun, easy to plan and […]

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Aire Barcelona wedding dress veils

01 November 2010 2 Comments

The wedding dress is never complete without a bridal veil, just as a wedding is not complete without flowers. We are happy to present you here a few gorgeous veil masterpieces designed by Aire Barcelona for all the 2011 brides who are planning a more spectacular, gorgeous and feminine look. These bridal veils surely look […]

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