Soft Wedding Dresses

27 April 2020 1 Comment

In case you are planning a feminine delicate and natural look for the wedding day we recommend you to go with a soft wedding dress like the ones in the pictures below. These lovely creations are designed by Chris Nicholls and they seem like the most inspiring and sensitive types of wedding dresses that cant […]

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Princess-fit wedding dresses

23 March 2020 1 Comment

Brides who dream of a highly extravagant wedding might be interested in seeing these fabulous princess-fit wedding dresses made by Julia Kontogruni for her splendid 2010 bridal collection. We find these gowns absolutely magnificent and spectacular, perfect for all contemporary brides who are willing to invest more in a fancy glamorous look for the big […]

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Anjolique Wedding Dresses

02 January 2020 3 Comments

If you want to look ultra elegant and distinctive on the wedding day we recommend you to give it a try with an Anjolique wedding dress . This designer’s style is definitely suitable for many brides who plan on going classy, feminine and chic on the day.   We found a few relevant pictures that […]

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Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses

10 February 2014 0 Comments

Nowadays more and more famous fashion designers are trying to create visually more attractive wedding dresses that can still feel comfy and look sexy on the brides. There is no other muse or better source of inspiration for these wedding dress designers than the modern woman or bride herself! The new preferences of the contemporary […]

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Lavish romantic wedding dresses

05 December 2013 4 Comments

Brides who are in search of the perfect sweet and refined wedding dress can stop for a second to admire these fabulous couture wedding gowns signed by Pattis Bridal. The creations that you can see on this page belong to a Pattis’s recent 2011 fall bridal collection made especially for contemporary brides who want the […]

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Adorable Princess Style Wedding Dresses

30 November 2010 1 Comment

Nowadays, most of the brides are interested in wearing something more elaborated, glamorous and elaborated on the wedding day, in order to obtain a more fairy-tale romantic and classy look. In this article we are happy to be able to present you a few of our favorite types of wedding dresses made by Jasmine for […]

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Barbie couture wedding dresses

01 November 2010 1 Comment

Brides who always envisioned themselves looking like a princess on the special wedding day might be interested in these photos with Barbie couture wedding dresses shown below in this article. The Barbie kind of bride still exists, no matter how hard some might try to deny it. Nowadays anything is possible and allowed, even the […]

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Fabulous crinkle wedding dresses

28 October 2010 1 Comment

Being a modern bride and looking stunningly unique and attractive on the big day is not an easy thing or task to fulfill for many women today. But we are here to give you a hand in choosing the most spectacular and one of a kind type of wedding gown by showing you a few […]

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Sheath ruffle wedding dresses

26 October 2010 2 Comments

The preferences of a woman in matters of wedding dresses and bridal looks can be quite diverse and hard to understand or classify. But we think that this main feature of the personality of a woman is the most beautiful and gorgeous one that makes a bride so different and unique from another. That is […]

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Fashionable wedding dresses

22 October 2010 0 Comments

Are you interested in learning more about modern wedding dresses and how to plan a truly outstanding elegant bridal look? Well, perhaps you might want to check out these pictures with fashionable wedding dresses that we found for you and see whether you can find a style that can match your personality and your body […]

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Voguish wedding dresses San Francisco

14 October 2010 1 Comment

Are you planning a gorgeous spectacular wedding and you’re looking for a fabulous voguish wedding dress that can help you make a statement? Well, why not take a look at these pictures that we found for you and see if you can find something that you like or at least get inspired for your own […]

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Casual mermaid wedding dresses Miami

04 October 2010 4 Comments

If you’re planning an informal wedding and a sensual feminine look perhaps a casual mermaid wedding dress can make a gorgeous suitable bridal outfit for you. We are happy to see that more and more sexy, provocative and seductive informal wedding dresses are created by modern wedding dress designers especially for the contemporary relaxed casual […]

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