Ana Torres wedding dresses

26 March 2020 3 Comments

In case you are in love with the Spanish couture bridal style perhaps you will find these stunning Ana Torres wedding dresses beautiful, attractive and suitable for your taste and personality. Many modern brides tend to have a favorite fashion designer or a favorite style that they wish to follow for their own wedding dress […]

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Princess-fit wedding dresses

23 March 2020 1 Comment

Brides who dream of a highly extravagant wedding might be interested in seeing these fabulous princess-fit wedding dresses made by Julia Kontogruni for her splendid 2010 bridal collection. We find these gowns absolutely magnificent and spectacular, perfect for all contemporary brides who are willing to invest more in a fancy glamorous look for the big […]

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Wilton Wedding Cakes

22 March 2020 0 Comments

When you think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind is the cold outside … You could tell the cold, the enemy of the loose outfits and spectacular weddings. Although at first glance the balance tilts in favor of summer, there are many aspects which can make winter the perfect season of weddings. […]

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Fashion-forward wedding dresses

21 March 2020 1 Comment

When it comes to fashion and wedding dresses the debates can continue for years and years. Every year appear new styles and more attractive designs that modern brides are always happy to experiences and ready to embrace. But these novelty wedding dresses are not simply experiments that designers make in order to find out what […]

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Romantic sweetheart wedding dresses New York

19 March 2020 1 Comment

If you have always dreamt of wearing a sensual sweetheart wedding dress perhaps now it’s the time to choose the most suitable one for you. Nowadays you can find thousands of beautiful, unique and more outstanding romantic sweetheart wedding dresses that you can choose from. You just need to follow the one that can fit […]

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Craft wedding flower centerpieces

14 March 2020 1 Comment

Nowadays the weddings are not what they used to be as modern brides discover new ways of decorating their wedding in a more original and unconventional way. We have nothing against this “breaking the traditions” movement or phenomenon that still manages to contaminate more and more brides of today. It’s not easy being a contemporary […]

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Lacey Wedding Dresses

09 March 2020 1 Comment

Lace is a fabric that is made by looping or braiding a thread to other threads in independent moves to create several patterns that repeat themselves on the surface thus created. Types of lace are plenty, these depending on the tool used in fabricating it and the threads used in rendering the lace a consistency […]

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Elizabeth Barboza Wedding Dresses

03 March 2020 1 Comment

Brides who are interested in wearing something truly magnificent, one of a kind and spectacular on the wedding day should definitely take into consideration one of these super charming Elizabeth Barboza wedding dresses presented below in the images. We personally think that this designer’s gowns are truly remarkable and highly charming, which makes them the […]

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Organic cotton wedding dresses

03 March 2020 2 Comments

The modern 2010 bride is substantially different from the traditional one in matters of style, bridal vision and perception of the elegance, beauty and naturalness. For the contemporary bride a successful wedding dress is the one that manages to still look and feel natural among other qualities that are related with fashion, daintiness, extravagance and […]

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Silk ivory wedding dresses New York

29 February 2020 2 Comments

For those who are planning a sensual sophisticated, lustrous, glamorous and shiny bridal look perhaps a beautiful silk ivory wedding dress can truly make a gorgeous sleek choice. We’ve chosen this type of material for all the brides who want to obtain a more refined, elegant, polished and sexy feminine look on the day. Nowadays […]

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Illusion back wedding dresses

25 February 2020 0 Comments

Among the millions of online wedding dresses that one can browse through on the internet in search of the perfect wedding dress, the modern happy bride should stop a minute and look at the sensual illusion back wedding dress that more and more women are drawn to choose and wear on the big day. The […]

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Franc Sarabia Wedding Dresses II

18 February 2020 1 Comment

We are glad to see that so many of you are interested in Franc Sarabia’s bridal style and are looking forward to see more of this designer’s wonderful creations. Well, in this article we are going to present you a few more of our favorite gorgeous styles created by this bridal couturier for his newest […]

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Mon Cheri Wedding Dresses

11 February 2020 1 Comment

Designer wedding dresses have always been a delightful experience for many brides who decided they want to go fashionable, ultra elegant and modern on their wedding day. And now that the industry of wedding dresses is continuously expanding with every new design and style that appears it seems that more and more women of today […]

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Victorian fan wedding bouquets

10 February 2020 0 Comments

When it comes to composing the wedding bouquet most brides tend to go on the usual way, choosing round predictable nosegays or hand tied posies. But these aren’t the only types of wedding bouquet arrangements that a modern bride can vote for. One can also choose to carry a practical chic pomander wedding bouquet, a […]

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Original Wedding Bouquets

25 January 2020 0 Comments

Brides interested in carrying a more appealing and special type of bouquet perhaps will enjoy feasting their eyes on these lovely pictures posted on this page below. In terms of wedding flowers and arrangements, original means crafty, alternative, creative, unconventional, eye-catchy, glamorous, one of a kind, artistic, exquisite, noncomformist or untraditional. The modern bride is […]

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Pretty Stephanotis Wedding Flowers

23 January 2020 0 Comments

Destination brides who are planning a beach wedding or all casual brides who want to go simple, sleek and chic on the big day might want to take a look at these superb pretty stephanotis wedding flowers shown in the images below. Stephanotises are among the most adorable, feminine and precious looking types of flowers […]

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Valentino Wedding Dresses

18 January 2020 1 Comment

All the brides who want to look elegant, fashionable and elevated on the wedding day should definitely take a look at these remarkable Valentino wedding dresses shown in the photos below. These fabulous creations signed by Valentino designer are part of his newest 2011 bridal collection and truly think that any bride can find her […]

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Elaborated wedding dresses Chicago

16 January 2020 0 Comments

Not all the brides are happy with the simple stylish look for the big day and want something more provocative, easily remarkable and fully elaborated. In this article we are going to discuss about elaborated wedding dresses hopping that these pictures will help you envision more correctly the ideal wedding dress for you. Wearing a […]

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