Best Wedding Dance Songs Of All Times

27 May 2019 0 Comments

When the grooms plan their wedding, as concept, as theme they have to stick to one idea. This central characteristic has to be an imprint for the whole decor. But when it comes to choosing the wedding music things change. If the grooms select only love songs not only that it gets boring but it […]

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Recent Love Songs for First Dance at the Wedding

16 May 2019 0 Comments

What is new is what we like and this theory applies in many cases, in many aspects of life. So this is the premise that many young couples have in their mind on regards of a wedding planning. With the thought of making things different and not be placed in a common category modernism is […]

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Unconventional Wedding Bouquets

09 April 2019 1 Comment

Now that weddings have become such exuberant, glamorous and fashionable events where every single item is meant to express the uniqueness of the bride’s or of the couple’s personality, we though to present you a more impressive and bold type of wedding bouquet that off the beat brides-to-be might find it attractive or adequate for […]

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New Songs For A Great Bride Entrance

01 April 2019 0 Comments

Is there any girl who isn’t dreaming of the moment of a lifetime? Since our childhood, especially us, girls, we think about our big wedding day imagining ourselves dressed as princesses and being the center of attention. Let’s not forget that a very important part of the wedding planning is music. We need special songs […]

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Mixed flowers wedding bouquets

17 March 2019 0 Comments

The way a bride perceives her wedding bouquet can differ from case to case, from wedding to wedding. We must never expect for all the brides to think the same about flowers, colors and bouquet shapes or styles because each bride in part, as each flower in part and wedding in part are different and […]

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Second Marriage Wedding Invitation Wording

11 March 2019 0 Comments

Some people get the chance to plan twice their wedding day. For various reasons, these persons find themselves in the situation of planning for the second time their wedding day. Of course, in this situation the planning process will unfold a little bit smoother than the first time. You already have the knowledge and the […]

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Farmer Groom Wedding Cake Topper

11 February 2019 0 Comments

'Old McDonald had a farm…''. Wouldn't be nice to get married at a farm, away from the big city stress, in the natural surroundings, without the formalities and conventions of city weddings? A farm wedding is more natural, more joyful, has a more relaxed atmosphere. The surroundings will be beautiful, the food will be natural […]

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Unique 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

12 January 2019 0 Comments

Getting married is an important moment in every person’s life, young or older. After passing this step, the years pass without stopping or noticing. When the 25th anniversary comes, you have to offer a token of love and affection to your loved one, your husband or your wife. The so called Silver Wedding is a […]

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Unusual wording for wedding invitations

16 February 2014 0 Comments

There is a reason why people talk so much about wedding invitations. There is a reason why they give so much attention to what, apparently seems to be rather easy to manage. Why is that? Why all the fuss around the subject? An invitation is an invitation: it contains a date and a location and […]

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Contemporary Wedding Dance Songs for the Reception Party

10 February 2014 2 Comments

Not as a strict rule or applying concept at all weddings but lately more and more pairs of grooms and also guests would like to hear modern music. Traditionalism loses ground and mostly because in transforms the event into a common one, something that everybody already knows, something that will not come as a surprise […]

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White and Purple Wedding Bouquets

04 February 2014 1 Comment

For those of you who are planning a bicolor themed wedding these examples of flower bouquets and arrangements might make a wonderful source of inspiration. We think that every bride is free to choose her own color scheme or theme for her wedding according to her vision of the ideal wedding or to her personality […]

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Coral Pink Wedding Bouquets

03 February 2014 0 Comments

Planning the wedding flowers and the color scheme for a wedding can be a very challenging and difficult thing to do especially for the selective and picky kind of bride who can’t make her decisions right away. We respect this need for investigating and examining closely more different types of arrangements, patterns and ideas of […]

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Father Bride Wedding Songs

02 February 2014 1 Comment

A wedding it’s an emotional event not only for the bride or the groom, but also for their parents. How boys have a special connection with their mothers, the same type of relation a girl has with her father. When a girl hears the word “father”, she instantly thinks about unconditional love, protection, safety and […]

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25th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

01 February 2014 0 Comments

Oh, the wedding day…it now seems so long ago. It seems to have been so much time ago that the colors actually fade away little by little. It is only the colors that fade away and not their substance. The photo album is your most faithful friend, a friend that understood you need all your […]

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Orange Wedding Flower Bouquets

20 January 2014 0 Comments

Bright and vibrant as a sunny summer day, these orange flower wedding bouquets that we’re presenting here can make gorgeous selections or sources of inspiration for those who are planning a hot summer time wedding. Anyway, the orange theme can also fit the fall season weddings for instance, as well as any other type of […]

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Pale Blue Wedding Flowers

20 January 2014 2 Comments

Perhaps not all modern brides of today may feel ready to adopt a too vibrant and bold color scheme for their wedding but we know that there are many of you out there willing to choose something relatively different and unique when it comes to wedding themes. Well, for all of you who are prepared […]

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Desert Inspired Wedding Flower Arrangements

20 January 2014 0 Comments

This article is for those who are crazily in love enough to plan a fabulous wedding in the desert. These stunning floral arrangements that we’re presenting here were created exclusively for those who will decide to spend the wedding day in a more exotic and wild location. The deserts are surely not popular or usual […]

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Songs for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

08 January 2014 0 Comments

Not every married couple gets to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary. This happens because of the fact that people nowadays die younger than they used to do in the past. In this case, life took their chance of enjoying such a beautiful moment. But there are other cases when couples get divorced because they simply […]

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