Summer Flowers Wedding

Wedding Decorations | February 02 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

The wedding flowers are the key decorative details for the whole event. They are delicate and with their suggestive power boost the elegance of a wedding. Choosing the type of flowers suitable for you depends on your wedding` theme and on the season this event will take place. In other words, each season has representative flowers. Most of the people choose to have their wedding on summer, due to the fact that warm season allows one to have an out-door wedding, the weather is favorable and so on. Consequently, summer wedding flowers are representative with light colors usually, such as red, yellow, light green or white. The most requested ones for this period of time are orchids, carnations, roses, lilies, iris, jasmine, freesia, daisy or callas.
Deciding on what kind of flowers to have on your wedding can be a difficult task. They all are beautiful and their softness and freshness can captivate you. Their symbolism may be a method. For example, tradition says carnations foresee bad luck so they should be avoided. Also, lilies express life commitment and roses are the symbol for love and passion. The wedding theme can be another item that will make you decide about the flowers. By this I mean that if you have an informal wedding, for example, then flower field or sun flowers can be the most suitable choice.

Apart from this, summer season has a disadvantage regarding flowers for a wedding. In other words, heat makes them pale. Consequently, one has to think about solutions in order to avoid an embarrassing moment: peaky flowers during the wedding. In this cases, the recommended flowers, as specialists say, are those with bulky petals that can resist more than a day without water, humidity and a shady place. Tropical flowers are the key, but they are costly: pay more to resist more.

Another way is to use preponderant blossom flowers or an extra service regarding a special treatment. To presume you want tulips in your bridal bouquet but they are so fragile that can not resist more than a couple of hours before becoming pale. What can you do? Pay an extra sum of money and the florist will spread some substances on the flowers in order to preserve them fresh more. This trick is costly indeed, but very efficient. also, no matter your decision about the type of flowers, make it that way to buy them exactly in your wedding day in order to be sure they are fresh.

To put it in a nutshell, summer wedding flowers create a unique atmosphere. They bring a smile, they gain one`s sympathy. With its colors will give a boost to your romantic and elegant wedding feast. Innocence, softness and fabulous-expressed by the flowers- combined with a sunset wedding ceremony. An unforgettable event from all points of view.11

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