Stephanotis Bridal Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | March 28 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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Those who want to wear a highly meaningful flower bouquet on the wedding ceremony should opt for a white stephanotis bridal bouquet! And we make this recommendation because stephanotises are the most viable symbols for “marital happiness”! This quality is for certain one of the many that convinces so many brides in choosing these lovely flowers for their wedding, no doubt about it!


You must look for the other posts on stephanotis wedding flower arrangements that we have on our website because you will be able to find other interesting and unique pictures that feature these charming flowers. This way you will get the chance to compare between different designs and choose in the end the one that fits 100% the type of wedding and look you’re planning. Stephanotises are little white flowers that are usually used as additional flowers to a larger wedding bouquet and arrangement.

But if you like the flowers and you want to use them all over the wedding in bigger doses, you should use more stems and blooms to create a larger bouquet of only stephanotises. Just as popular as the roses, but not that often used in bridal bouquets, these petite flowers are among the most delicate, refined and feminine of all white flowers. Classical, eye-catchy, elegant and playful, these pure white blooms can also be used for corsages and boutonnieres, as well as for stylish table centerpieces.

Although small and fragile, these flowers can make excellent choices for elegant wedding receptions. We also recommend them for casual weddings and simpler brides. Their white starry blooms can fit any type of stark white wedding dress and this is why so many brides decide to opt for stephanotises for their wedding. The only minus is that these blooms can’t be found in other colors but only in white shades. However, perhaps this disadvantage is well compensated by the slight jasmine perfume that these blooms emanate from time to time.

You should probably know that these flowers can also be found under the name of Madagascar Jasmines, while the most popular or common type for weddings is the Stephanotis floribunda. You can find these little flowers in artificial or craft forms, although we don’t recommend fake stephanotis bridal bouquets to those who are planning an outdoor natural wedding, unless you like these flowers but you want them in a different color that can fit your wedding theme!11

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