Square Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | February 04 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

When you think of a post card you normally think of a card having the rectangular geometrical shape either vertically oriented or horizontally, but choosing the format of your wedding cards you think of the ones to be square formatted in regard to the paper’s format. Starting to think of your wedding planning and being implicated deep into the stages of the planning process you reach the conclusion that you have to hurry up with the wedding invitations. These ones will be the indicators of the size of your wedding, of the number of the guests and the choice of location to celebrate your reception.

From the very beginning of the planning, it seems that everything depends on these invitations, and from there the details begin to interrelate, therefore the decision on the type of your wedding card has to come even sooner that you have planned. So browsing the online wedding stationeries you try to find the ones that will cast a lasting impression on your invitees, the family’s members and the close friends. One of these specific online pages displays square wedding invitations and their original format kind of makes you consider the option of choosing these ones as mail messengers.

The theme of your wedding has also to be chosen, this one depending again on another aspect: would you prefer to have a traditional wedding or should you prefer to go for a casual tone, and as such to choose a funny, smart themed wedding? You have to come up with something, and you can not wonder yourself how quickly everything suddenly turned to be that complicated?! You keep browsing through wedding planners‘ online sites in search of wedding ideas or tips that could help you reach to a certain decision in regard to the theme or maybe a color scheme for your wedding celebration.

Maybe you need to take this process step by step; so here you go: when is your wedding date set? In the season of summer. What is there so relevant in this choice of season that determined you to pick summer as the season of your wedding? Mainly because it is hot weather and everyone can get dressed in a casual style, and besides the flowers are in their full bloom and you can find them at cheaper prices on the florists’ stands. Have you considered a location even if you do not know by now the number of your guests attending? Being summer and all, you have thought initially of a large terrace out of an elegant restaurant to host the festivity of your wedding with a string quartet performing as the party is unfolding.

OK, now the things are getting more clear and in this way you are able to choose the type of square wedding invitation displayed in that multitude of styles on the online wedding stationery. It is an elegant burgundy bordered card with the wording written in black letters and the white square envelope is made out of four flops to close inside the wedding card and the RSVP card, these flops being tied with a burgundy silk ribbon bordered with silver powder. The overall aspect of your wedding card looks elegant and classy and due to its appearance your wedding guests will know that your wedding will be performed in an elegant note but at the same time without being very demanding in regard to the outfits.11

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