Square Wedding Cakes

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If we browse the bridal sites in searching of wedding cakes we generally come across the ones that are round shaped, either they are simple or designed in 2,3, or 4 tiers, they come in these round tiers that bear the symbol of the circle of life, of eternity and union. We are used to this geometric shape also when it comes to the wedding bands and because of this, the tradition of circle is kept alive due to its symbolist aspect. In religious representations, such as icons, for instance, we meet the circle in the form of an aureole to signify the radiance of a halo that surrounds the holy figures, this symbol becoming an art motif to reflect the uniting of God and man or the crossing of two realms, the divine and the earthly. The Islamic symbol of the omnipresent divinity is represented by the drawing of an eye which has inside the circle as a spiritual gateway that leads to the soul.

But round, circle forms we meet in most of the cases in things that surrounds us with their proximity of usage, otherwise, the dominant geometric form of our life is rendered by the forms that have sides and corners, such as the ones coming from square. We leave in houses that have quadrangle shape, we build cars that have similar shape, we sleep in beds that are rectangles, we glance on windows that are also squared or rectangled. But not too many people know that squares are seen and understood as the emblem of Justice that rules over all things. Learned people have also nominated the square as the most important and common symbol of the ancient craft. That is the reason why the phrase “a square man” is related to uprightness, reliability and honesty.

square-wedding-cakesThe square is the symbol of a regulated life where one’s actions are brought to order and uniformity using harmony in regard to principles, virtue and morality. Young couples in search of bringing a note of originality and balance to the elements of their wedding, use a lot of unusual symbols in the unfolding of these components. Thus they will try to step out of the ordinary and in this regard they need to find something that reflects their desire. The bridal market offer in these cases a lot of possibilities, starting from wedding invitations which have so many different representations in accordance with the variety of wedding couple’s personality, and reaching the most unusual wedding attires and accessories to meet even the most audacious ideas and pieces of imagination.

The same spirit of uniqueness lies in the desire of the wedding couples when they select for their reception table the closing act of a square wedding cake. This shape is somehow unusual since people are familiar to the accessibility of a round tiered wedding cake; this roundness allows the couple to cut the slice in a more accessible way, whereas the ‘squareness’ of a cake can lead to a variety of questions: where should we cut from? Is the slice with the corner better, or should we cut in the middle of one of the sides? The best suggestion is not to mind these questions, just proceed in ordering a square wedding cake which comes in so many beautiful and elegant options that one can hardly resist not to take it into consideration when it is about the wedding element that reflects the beginning of a couple’s life in sharing and supporting.11

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