Spring Anemones Wedding Bouquets

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Brides who are in love with the pretty and charming anemone wedding flowers will surely die to see these wonderful pictures of spring anemones wedding bouquets posted below in this article. We personally must confess that anemones are among our favorites when it comes to flowers for a wedding. Their appearance is a divine delight. We are convinced that brides who never thought of using these types of flowers in their wedding will change completely their mind when they will get the chance to see these precious and one-of-a-kind anemones wedding flower arrangements and bouquets.


Among all the flowers that are available out there for spring time weddings, perhaps anemones are the most romantic, feminine , whimsical and sensual ones. Here are a few other examples of natural frilly and chic simple types of flowers that you can find for spring time weddings: lilies of the valley, freesias, ranunculuses, hyacinths, narcissuses or daffodils, lilacs, gerbera daises, irises, pansies, gardenias, tulips, cherry blossoms, Billy Balls, orchids, calla lilies, hydrangeas, gladiolas, peonies or magnolias.

In case you wish to use anemones for composing your own bridal bouquet but you do want a richer and abundant look, we suggest you to mix the anemones with any other type of stem listed above. There are many reasons why a bride might decide to use anemones instead of roses or other classy flowers seen usually in weddings. One could be the fact that they come in a wide range of colors! One can never be indifferent to the fact that a natural type of flower that can be used in a wedding can be found in a large and generous palette of colors.

The only way to make the right color choice is to consider all the coordinates of the wedding, such as: the venue, the theme, the formality or the style and character of the wedding. In order to give you a hand with the planning, we are going to offer you a few examples of spring anemones wedding bouquets that can work with each type of wedding in part. For instance, a vintage antique wedding can host a blush pink spring anemones wedding bouquet or a bouquet composed of cream, ivory and violet or lavender colored anemones. For formal and dramatic weddings perhaps a whimsically romantic dark purple or mauve anemone wedding bouquet can make a more enchanting and inspired choice.

For bold and dynamic weddings brides can choose a hot passional red anemone wedding bouquets or a brown anemones bouquet. You must know that these ravishing beautiful types of flowers are very fragile, delicate and easy to break. This is one of the many reasons why so many brides decide to use artificial anemones made of silk in their bouquets.11

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  1. Emily

    December 10, 2010 at 9:19 am

    Anemones are not quite popular when it comes to creating wedding flower bouquets and I must say that I was quite surprised to see just how great they look in these pictures…I have never though before of actually including them in the list of possible flowers to be chosen when planning all about the way in which the wedding bouquet and the flower arrangements will look during the wedding but now that I have seen these pictures I will certainly think twice about the type of flowers that I might consider for my wedding flower bouquet…Yes they look quite nice…I wonder, could they look even better when they might be combined with other types of flowers that are appropriate to be used for creating wedding flower bouquets?

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