Split Shank Emerald Wedding Rings

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If you are attracted to emeralds and you’re looking for a unique wedding ring that incorporates these stunning stones in a very original and unpredictable way you may be interested in seeing these fascinating split shank emerald wedding ring pictured posted below in this article. This is the exact subject we are going to approach in the following lines hopefully you will be able to find suitable and flattering among these styles for your own wear.

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We personally adore the split shank style and we find it among the most beautiful, modern and eye-catchy settings ever designed for a wedding ring. There is something very appealing and old fashion as well about this style that we think it can work quite beautifully for vintage brides or for those who are passionate with antique inspired jewelries and rings in general. We’ve chosen the split shank emerald wedding ring because we’ve seen a few pictures of these styles and we think that you should definitely examine these rings closely. We are convinced that you will find them just as romantic, appealing and interesting as we did.

The most fascinating thing about the split shank style is the fact that it manages to create the impression or the illusion of many rings on the finger because of the two or three bars which hold the stone in one place. This is actually a very frequent question that brides who wear split shank wedding rings are confronted, and it refers to the fact that they’re wearing two or many rings instead of one! To us, this is one of the most important reasons that could determine a woman to purchase a split shank wedding ring over a simple solitaire set wedding ring. When combined with such a vibrant and charming gemstone as the emerald, this type of ring looks even more remarkable, outstanding and glamorous.

Those of you who are interested in finding a gorgeous wedding ring with a more generous stone or setting should definitely give it a try with one of these splendid split shank emerald wedding rings presented here on this page. Perhaps the richness of this type of ring can convince even the most exigent or picky women who is always selective with her choices. If you are not necessarily interested in emeralds or if you have nothing in common with these lovely stones perhaps you can choose something else.

Other popular types of semi-precious gemstones that are usually incorporated in bridal wedding rings are: sapphires, rubies, pearls, garnets, amethysts, tanzanite, topaz, alexandrite or peridot gems. The list can continue, so you must choose the one that matches your zodiacal sign or your personality. Gemstone wedding rings are always personal choices because of the symbolism and the significations that are hidden underneath the exquisite beauty of each gem in part. This is why we think that gemstone wedding rings make more meaningful alternatives than the standard diamond rings. We invite you to browse for more split shank and gemstone ring style son our website!11

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