Spanish Wedding Gowns

Wedding Dresses | June 25 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

If you want a Spanish wedding theme you should search and find out much about Spanish weddings but maybe the following information and advices, will help. When it comes about the weddings, the Spanish traditions are very elaborate in terms of wedding dresses,practice, etc.. The traditional color for the wedding gown is black with a matching black veil, and is meant to symbolize character of the bride that she will be with her groom until death. Of course, there are also other colors allowed, such as white or red but today, the bride often choose to wear a white wedding dress.

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Modern Spanish gown. The Spanish bride in these times, often chooses to wear a white wedding dress. If you want to wear a Spanish wedding dress too, you need to purchase some magazines from Spain and this way you will get an idea of what the Spanish brides are wearing today; also, you need to find some designers and brands to consider your dress or you can choose the easier way and go to your dressmaker and just replicate a Spanish wedding gown but for this you will have to do lots of research online to find photos and for inspiration. Look for dresses with elegant and elaborate designs in chiffon, organza, taffeta, silk, etc.

Fusion of old and new. If you want to combine the old tradition with the new style my advice is to wear a contemporary white dress, or one with black lance overlay, and consider your wedding bridesmaids to wear traditional black. You know you can also choose the white dress and  the black and red embroidery because would make you splendid.

For an unique wedding dress but also for fun,if you dare,  choose a flamenco dress, although it is not really a wedding gown but you certainly can wear many of these exotic dresses for your nuptials; look for a dress with many ruffles and even choose to learn a flamenco dance and beside that you will show off your style, it will be a unique one and you will be stunning.


Exists a practice in Spanish tradition that it makes it standing out and that is the tradition of the groom which is giving the bride in their wedding day, 13 coins in a special box and it is customary to be carried by the bride, all day long. If you want do something like this in a modern way, you can wear a piece of jewelry with a coin theme. (earrings or a necklace).

If you got the desire too really have the Spanish theme,  travel directly to Spain and have the wedding of your dreams. For this, you must consider some things like being sure you have the proper documents for traveling, plan everything out well, check the marriage requirements for Spain before you go, etc.  If Spain is too far, you may also consider Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic.

I am sure that whether you go all out with a complete Spanish theme or you just add a few Spanish touches, your wedding will be a day to remember for the rest of your life.