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You have already fixed your wedding date and you start thinking to draw the first plans to organize your wedding reception. One of the elements that bring success to your wedding is the choice of music. But this choice depends on many factors. Remember when you attended that wedding party and the music couldn’t be played loud because grannies were there and they had music “allergy”? And there were pretty good songs playing, the DJ was really good in playing the music that you enjoyed listening and dancing to, but couldn’t make a move in this matter as nobody was willing to dance so long as the music could barely be heard. Of course that most of your party mood was ruined. By the time that the grannies went to bed it was already too late to start jumping around or invite your partner to a slow dance. One thing we have to mention is that you should never let your DJ surprise you with a playlist. This is one of the top bridal regrets! You can find more real bridal regrets in our complete wedding planning course.

Having these thoughts in your mind you say to yourself that this thing will not happen while you have your wedding reception. You want every guest to feel good, to enjoy the party, after all is the only important party that combines two states of your existence: the one of one-ness and the one of two-ness. Your wedding day is the day that makes the passage between these two states of mind, and you don’t want to damage this moment.

songs-for-wedding-recceptionA friend of yours told you that if you planned to hire a DJ it would be better to start looking for one as soon as possible. Many of the DJs are hired with an advance of 6 to 10 month before the wedding date; since the wedding couples need to be sure that the music has been already taken care of. The advantage of hiring a DJ is that he has experience in this sort of things; he can come up with list of songs for wedding reception and make suggestions about the father daughter dance song, mother son dance song, and first dance song, not to mention that all the night he will be in charge of the music. You do not have to bother for this detail any more. So it is up to you to decide what is it that you want.

In case you do not want to hire a DJ you have to spend some time in order to make compilation with songs that you find appropriate for your wedding reception. Suggestions are to be found in huge piles (!) on the websites and here are few of them; for mother/son dance: “Blessed” – Elton John; “I wish you love” – Gloria Lynne, “Stand by me” – Ben E. King. Songs for father/daughter dance: “Daddy’s little girl” – Al Martino; “If I could” – Ray Charles, “My girl” – Temptations etc.

While doing the list of songs for wedding reception, whether you do it by yourself or with the help of a professional, you have to remember how frustrated you felt at your friend’s wedding reception when you couldn’t listen to the music, not to mention dancing, because of good old grannies present there. So take a closer look at your wedding guests list and consider better who can attend your wedding party in order to feel the music and enjoy its moments.11

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