Songs for the Dollar Dance

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The “Money dance” also called the “Dollar dance” is a traditional custom among the moments of the wedding reception. During this dance, guests who want to dance with the bride and the groom pay for this opportunity. It’s a good way to interact with the guests and change some impressions.

The origins of the custom go back to Poland, in the early 1900s. Immigrant neighborhoods included this custom into the wedding ceremony. The purpose of the dance is to wish good fortune to the newlyweds and also give them the opportunity to have a few extra dollars to face the future with.

The best time to have the dollar dance is after the special dances of the reception such as the first dance, the father-daughter dance or the mother-son dance or even after the bouquet and garter toss, but no later than one hour before the end of your reception, because some guests may leave earlier and will lose the chance to wish you all the best and pin you with a dollar bill.

When you are ready for the money dance, send a message to the DJ informing him about the moment. He will let your guests know that they can come and ask for a dance. Usually, the dollar dance is opened by the best man dancing with the bride and the made of honor dancing with the groom.

It is good to let the dance continue until every guest who subscribed had a chance to participate. Every guest can get about 20 seconds of dance. This dance is for all ages. Both adults and children can enjoy a dance with the bride and the groom. It’s a good interaction opportunity. In order not to be considered too greedy, many couples choose to replace the money with best whishes written on small pieces of paper that are pinned by the guests on their wedding clothing during the dance.

However, it’s your choice whether or not to include a Dollar Dance at your wedding reception. But if you decide to have it, you can find below a list of songs that are the most popular played for this kind of occasion.

Count on me – Whitney Houston

Friends – Michael Smith

Color my world – Chicago

Friends – Elton John

Hey big spender – Sweet Charity

If I had a $1,000,000 – the Bare-naked Ladies

That’s what friends are for – Dionne Warwick

Together once again – Chris Tayor

Ten cents a dance – Doris Day

The Bridal Dance – Mark Buza Orchestra

You’ve got a friend – James Taylor

You’ve got a friend in me – Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett

Private Dancer – Tina Turner

Angel – Aerosmith

Beautiful Girl – Kenny Lattimore

Congratulations – Cliff Richard

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me – Mel Carter

The dollar dance doesn’t require songs with a certain message. Any slow song will be perfect. Your partner will be busy congratulating you and whishing you all the best for your new family than listening to the lyrics of the song.


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