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Wedding Dresses | April 27 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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In case you are planning a feminine delicate and natural look for the wedding day we recommend you to go with a soft wedding dress like the ones in the pictures below. These lovely creations are designed by Chris Nicholls and they seem like the most inspiring and sensitive types of wedding dresses that cant fit perfectly the innocent modern type of bride who wants the sweet cherry look. The wedding is the essential event and day in a bride’s life and this is exactly why she must do anything in her power to obtain the perfect unique look.


More and more brides of today are willing to invest more money in purchasing a more expensive wedding dress made by a more or less famous fashion designer. No off the rack style can compare to the exquisiteness and the refinement implied in a couture wedding dress. And we are happy to see that many brides – both traditional and modern understood this important thing. We must admit though that not everybody wants to look refined, pure and almost “virginal” on the special day.

Well, these soft wedding dresses pictured on this page are surely sweet, classy and ingenious but they are nothing like predictable or too simple and clean. They are quite artistic and funky due to the rich textures and intricate embroideries. But the overall look is definitely a sweetish feminine-like look that we think young brides will simply adore and find it suitable for their wedding!

These gorgeous ruffle-beauty wedding gowns are also adequate and actually recommended to vintage brides who are planning on going a little bit more glamorous, chic, coquette and ultra stylish on the big day. You will be able to choose from lots of charming and enchanting types of soft wedding dresses signed by Chris Nicholls in his spectacular bridal collections. Browse for more pictures with similar types of gowns on our website where you will be able to find a myriad of related articles and pictures on this theme.

Despite her social and cultural background or status and despite her body shape or her age, any bride wants to look feminine, graceful and dainty on the big day. And these pretty dresses are exactly want you may need and more! Besides the prettiness that transpires throughout the sleek lines and the dramatic bold cuts, the silhouettes of these soft wedding dresses are totally sensual, flirty, dandy and eye-catchy.

The pastel soft colors incorporated in these dresses – such as grays, creams, beiges or ivories -, are able to take the simple bridal gown to a further level of originality, sophistication, artistry and inspiration. The abstract and yet romantic details made on these breath-taking dress masterpieces is what we love the most!11

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