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Wedding Dresses | March 04 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Not all brides want the Angelique innocent look for the wedding day and these gorgeous sleek sexy bridal dresses posted below on this page are here to confirm this fact.

Nowadays more and more contemporary brides are interested in finding a splendid wedding dress that combines all the qualities or the important features that any perfect bridal gown should have, and these are: romance, drama, elegance, contrast, boldness, sexiness, attractiveness, sophistication, class, style, intrigue, innocence, purity, femininity, nonchalance, extravaganza, glitter and naturalness.

It won’t be hard to actually find something that can fit these requirements, especially not now when so many modern or famous fashion designers are willing to create more and more masterpieces designed especially on the silhouette and preferences of the modern bride. Most of these dresses that manage to fulfill the expectations and the vision of contemporary brides are couture gowns.

The differences between a designer bridal dress and a standard off the rack dress are big and many. First of all, we must recognize the high class, the refinement and the maximum attention to details invested by specialist designers and manufacturers in these sensational haute couture wedding dresses. Another important aspect that we should mention about designer wedding gowns is that they are made especially on the figure and body shape of the bride in order to fit her like a glove. Many full figure brides or more corpulent brides decide to go with a designer wedding dress customized on their silhouette just to make sure that the will get the figure of their dreams.

These fabulous creations shown on this page are signed by Mariana Hardwick and they come from a marvelous elegant and stylish bridal collection for 2010-2011 brides. We must admit that Mariana’s dresses are purely timeless romantic and unique! Not only modern brides who are looking for a cosmopolitan silhouette can opt for a sleek sexy bridal dress made by Mariana Hardwick, but vintage brides who want the old fashion chic look can also find something on their taste within this collection.

This designer likes to combine the old style couture with the modern fabrics and techniques and obtain enchanting haute couture wedding dresses that have a special coquette antique inspiration. You can find lots of original and outstanding sleek sexy bridal dresses in Mariana’s collections.

Even the most pretentious and the most modest brides can find something that can fit their preferences and their vision of the ideal wedding dress for them. From simple sheath chic styles to elaborated highly colored gowns, the contemporary brides can find a bold style to fit and flatter their tastes and independent personality. You can wear one of these dresses on both decent formal ceremonies and on casual less sophisticated intimate weddings.11

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  1. trixie

    January 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Hello. I like your site a lot. It feels like you are talking to us, the wedding lovers. Keep it up! Well, I wanted to say this is one of the sexiest articles on your site. I looked at almost every sexy dress from here, but they weren’t like these ones. I love them all, so full, so beautiful. And I love the accessories used to present these dresses. Oh my gosh, they’re so artistic and they multiply the sexiness of the dresses by tens. Well, I also have a favorite. It’s the second gown from the top. That dress is so original and the corset looks so great. The skirt is also so pretty and so fine and so detailed. Gosh, I love the necklace and the bracelet! I love everything about this dress here. Everything!

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