Simple Wedding Cake Toppers

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No wedding cake is complete without the right cake topper, so you should consider choosing an option that’s romantic and simple but sends just the right message. You can find plenty of such wedding cake toppers on To help you make up your mind faster I actually browsed the offer available and I selected the options that seem most exciting to use.

Simple Wedding Cake Toppers

Simple Wedding Cake Toppers (Photo by: Jessica Schmitt)

For instance, you should consider “A Romantic Dip” dancing bride and groom figurine that you can get in exchange for around $40. This figurine measures 10.5 x 10.5 cm and displays a happy couple in an embrace of dance that’s both spectacular and romantic. You should also know that both the bride and the groom are made from porcelain and wear stylish wedding outfits. The bride impresses with a white, flowy dress and rhinestone shoes while the groom attracts the attention with a black-tie outfit. The bride is also holding in her hand a beautiful bridal bouquet while the hairstyle chosen is a simple but stylish pony tail.


At least as impressive is the “Yes To The Rose” bride and groom topper. This topper is available in exchange for the same price tag and measures 6.5 x 12.5 cm. The difference is that this time it displays a love struck groom that holds tightly in his arms a beautiful bride. A loving look characterizes both hand-painted porcelain actors, so you will definitely be impressed. You will also like the dress of the bride because it’s an A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline and a ruched bodice. That dress is paired with an up-do and a white hair flower. The groom’s outfit is not as visible because he is holding the bride in his arms. All you can see is that he’s wearing a black suit. I also like the fact that the two are holding together a red rose.

If you are having a western-themed wedding, I strongly recommend you to consider the “A Sweet Western Embrace” wedding cake topper that’s also priced at $40 and measures 5.5 x 14.5 cm while weighing 136 grams. The main focus of this simple wedding cake topper is a western couple who’s gracefully dancing. The bride is wearing an ankle-long wedding dress that’s strapless and impresses with a heavily decorated bodice while showing off some silver western boots. The groom also looks stylish and wedding appropriate while showing off some western details such as the hat and the boots. I must also mention that this cake topper is made of porcelain and hand painted.

Simple Wedding Cake Toppers

Simple Wedding Cake Toppers (Photo by: Kimberly Vardeman)

For those who are interested in an extremely romantic cake topper, I also recommend the True Romance wedding cake topper that’s listed at the same $40 and measures 5 x 14.5 cm while weighing 159 grams. It’s a porcelain figurine that displays a bride and a groom dressed in their wedding outfits. What’s special is that the groom is lifting the bride and pressing his head against that of his bride. As a result, they look like they are about to kiss. What I love the most is the long, white and form fitting dress of the bride.


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