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Are you going to be a bride soon ? Amazing! For the second time? No, problem. Sometimes the first wedding is the best of it, or something happen and time brings us to one point when you have to start over. Getting married again when something didn’t work out, or if something even worst happened is your fresh start. A second wedding can be the beginning of a new life. A life with a new loving partner, who will make it a blast for you.

Almost everybody who gets married the second time wants a simple wedding, nothing sophisticated. The only thing it matters is to have the closest friends and the family there and to get it over with. The people that had a marriage already know how the whole thing goes, they had their big night, they made a huge deal out of it and it didn’t work out too good. So, this time they want to keep it simple and to have a great time afterwords. Second weddings, even if they are simple and modest, they mean the world to the couple.

So, being the bride you have to find the perfect second wedding dress. Being the bride, a second time in your life might seem that it doesn’t mean as much to you as your first wedding. But all the time outsiders have no idea about the strong feelings you have for each other. The part that might be a little hard for a bride in a second wedding is the second wedding dress.

You want something simple, but not too simple. Or maybe if you had something simple at your first wedding you want to have a big sophisticated wedding this time. It’s all about your desires. if you decide you want to have a small, simple wedding you have to stick to the simple second wedding dress, but if you chose a big wedding, then you can go for something luxurious. Whatever you chose, it’s good to know that nowadays, white is not a symbol of virginity anymore, it’s a symbol of joy and love. Wearing white it’s perfect. If you want to wear white at your second wedding, you should definitely do it.

Today anything can happen and often does. Be yourself and if this means wearing white, then do it, if anybody says anything, you should care at all. If you want to wear another color, pastel colors and ivory are really popular for second wedding dresses. Also deux-pieces are popular too. A lot of women chose to wear a deux-piece instead of an actually dress. They feel like real women right now after having a previous experience in marriage and they feel that a deux-piece looks more mature.

But it’s not about wearing what’s very popular, wear what you like and what you think it looks good on you. If you like yourself in a long wedding dress, then wear that, if you like yourself in a short informal one, it’s perfect. Second wedding dresses are in all sizes and styles, just find yours and feel like a mature princess.

Second weddings are as joyful and special as the first weddings. That’s why the second wedding dress you buy has to show your enthusiasm and your happiness. Don’t forget, if it’s your second wedding it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel and look stunning.



  1. Sergia

    April 29, 2011 at 7:29 am

    this first dress from here that is very simple and very fit for mature brides like me it’s what I am looking for. Also like the jacket, although I find it a little bit too clean cut, too edgy. I would have liked something a little bit more different, maybe even made o a different fabric. As it is it seems to me to be too business-like. But if it were a little bit more embellished or with a different line it would have been perfect for my wedding. As for the dress, I like it a lot and I think the line is the most suitable for me.

  2. Allene Hutcheson

    January 14, 2017 at 5:00 am

    i have been trying to track down a picture of a Priscilla of Boston Wedding Gown from late 79, 80. It would have been a spring bridal gown in Chiffon. the selves were little caplets(?) that fell around the elbows i believe. it was in all of the bridal magazines, i believe i saw it around Jan/Feb.
    There was a floor model in El Paso Texas. Where it was bought from. (I missed it by 1 day).
    I’ve always thought of this dress.
    Would you happen to have a picture of this dress or direct me to where i could go through pictures to try to find it?

    Thank you very much.
    Allene Hutcheson

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