Silk Daisy Wedding Bouquet

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A small and delicate wedding bouquet is sometimes everything a bride needs in order to look and to feel superb and to improve her aspect. If you want to be sure that your husband and the rest of your guests are going to admire you and that they are going to consider you a very beautiful woman then this is definitely an accessory that you must not neglect. You are going to shine and you are going to be into the spotlight during the entire day. Try to talk to your designer and ask him which are the best wedding flowers according to your outfit.

Natural vs. artificial

Silk Daisy Wedding Bouquet

Silk Daisy Wedding Bouquet

When it comes to wedding flowers there is a certain question which always appears and which needs an answer long before the wedding: “Are natural flowers what you need or you should rather opt for artificial ones?”. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages and you should know them well before you go shopping and before you choose your favorite flowers.


Natural wedding flowers

Advantages: they have a special aspect and a lovely perfume.

Disadvantages: they can dry, they are more expensive, you can have allergies.

Silk wedding bouquet

Advantages: their price and their variety.

Disadvantages: they are not perfumed and they do not look as good as natural ones.

Now that you know all these things you are prepared to choose what kind of flowers you want to use and you are capable to move to the next step.

Step 2- What flowers to choose?

Silk Daisy Wedding Bouquet

Silk Daisy Wedding Bouquet (Photo by: Suzie2q)

Our recommendation for you, today, is to opt for daisies when it comes to your wedding bouquet. They have a very special aspect and they are incredible elegant even if they are simple. It is well known that it is much better to have your wedding bouquet and your wedding centerpieces made of the same flowers. Imagine that you can use daisies for your centerpieces, as well and that you can obtain some impressive and elegant floating centerpieces which are going to be extremely admired by everybody. Daisies have a lot of advantages and you should not hesitate when it comes to these flowers.

The most important thing when it comes to daisies is definitely their variety. They are available in several colors and shapes and they can be used for any season. You should choose your wedding bouquet according to your preferences and according to your personality. You can have red daisies if you are a bold woman, white ones for an innocent outfit and even a mixed bouquet if you really want to impress everybody and to be into the spotlight. It is the best thing you can do if you want everything to look amazing and to obtain a very festive final outfit.

Their price is also an advantage because daisies are not expensive at all. They are available in all floral shops and you can find any colors that you want there. All you have to do is to hire a good florist who is able to help you improve your outfit and who can transform you into a wonderful bride. If you know exactly which is the best bouquet for your outfit and for your personality then you are going to look impressive and you are going to be a lovely bride. You can also opt for similar bouquets for your maids of honor (such as the ones in the first photo). You can have your bouquet entirely made of daisies or you can even combine them with any other flowers. It is your choice and you and your florist are the only one who can have an opinion when it comes to this subject.

How to obtain a gorgeous outfit using a daisies wedding bouquet?

The wedding dress is definitely vital when it comes to a wedding and you should find a way to choose the dress of your dreams. If you plan to have a daisies wedding bouquet then you should choose a simple and elegant dress which can easily transform you into a delicate and feminine bride and which can offer you that shinning aspect that you need so much. Such a dress is not very difficult to find and as long as you know what is better for your body conformation and for your personality, you can be sure that everybody is going to adore you and that the dress is going to look adorable on you. A simple model such as the below one is going to be exactly what you need and such a dress is an infallible option.

Silk Daisy Wedding Bouquet

Silk Daisy Wedding Bouquet (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

It can look amazing with a daisies wedding bouquet and all you have to do next is to match the color of your bouquet with the color of your shoes. In this way your outfit is going to be a very balanced one and all you guests are going to notice its elegance and refinement. The best colors when it comes to such an arrangement are pink and blue and you should do your best to find bouquet like that if you want to look innocent and sweet but also refined and feminine. If you want to accessorize your outfit using silver jewelry then you should know that some precious stones in the same color with your bouquet are going to transform your outfit into a perfect one.

The importance of wedding flowers

When it comes to a special event such as a wedding, when you are into the spotlight and where everybody expects you to look superb, you have to do your best to choose a wonderful outfit and the best accessories for it. Daisies can help you transform your outfit from a boring and ordinary one into a very refined one and they can be that stylish detail that you need in order to remain in all your guests’ memory. If you match your outfit with a huge smile and with a lot of self confidence and if you step through the aisle as a beautiful and bold woman then you can be sure that everything is going to be perfect and that you are going to have a wonderful time.


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