Second wedding gown

Wedding Dresses | March 21 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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Despite the marriage meaning and deep essence the wedding day is surely above this. It represents first the unification, the life commitment; it is the day when the bride and its groom are for the first time and only one in this posture. Not to be selfish, but for a bride this day is much more important. And one reason can be the white wedding dress. You have this only chance to wear it.
Probably because of this fact and plus the unique feeling, the bride is in irresolute about what to choose. It is very challenging, it is very hard as almost all the wedding dresses are beautiful. Indeed the bride has to complete somehow the whole wedding decor: the dress, the theme, to correlate this with the wedding concept and with her body shapes. Still, these references can hardly make the bride be determined to choose a specific type. How about a second wedding gown?

The concept of a second wedding gown is referring to the bride’s second outfit. In other words, instead of wearing a dress for the ceremonies and the after that party, the bride chooses a second one. It can be a dress with modest look for the ceremonies and a nonconformist one, a daring or sexy one for the party.

Why would a bride spend more money just to have a second bridal gown? Like I said from the very beginning this is the first and only time in life when wearing the white dress. And apart from this, take into consideration the fact that tradition as well as religious dogmas imposes certain things for the dress: it must be white, it must be decent and more part of it covered. And it is normal if we think about the religious ceremony: you enter in God’s House, a sacred place. Again tradition says that the head of a woman must be covered. It is a sign of respect and obedience towards God. But not many brides agree with this.

Consequently, for the second wedding gown the brides go with daring style. They choose what they want, according to how they look and with no restrictions. It can be a dress with split part, backless, with large and generous cleavage. It can be a dress that combines the white with another color, for a plus effect. Or it can be just a modest bridal gown, fallowing the same eel as the first one, and so the bride chooses it as a desire to wear more wedding gowns than a single one.

As a conclusion, a trifle or just the desire to wear two types of wedding gowns, the necessity to chooses two because of the restrictions at the ceremonies, the indecision to choose a single one, all these have one answer: have a second wedding gown.11

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